31st Deceber 2013  A new member has joined our kennel

  My friend Katarina Petrič (kennel Aydeen) and me visited some of our dear friends in England in the last days of the year 2013. Thank you Annita Mcdonald, Angela Harvey and Heidi Gallagher for your hospitality!

We brought a little treasure with us, a very sweet little girl called Nyxi - Gemheid Light of my Life. Nyxi is co-owned with my friend Irena Debevc and will live with her and her family, but will be shown and bred by me. Nyxi was brilliant in London, not afraid of any traffic and noise and could walk on a lead straight aways. She was great to travel with - totally cool and relaxed on a train, underground and on a plane where the whole crew stuff fell in love with her! I am, too,  blown away by her character and her looks, not to mention her spectacular pedigree full of my favourite rough collies and her great health status. You can read more about her on her page Nyxi



    28th December 2013 Our A litter is 2 years old

   Happy birthday my dear babies - Lia, Mei, Damon, Messi and Tai ♥


   14th and 15th December 2013, Damon rocks the Helsinki Winter shows!

 Our beautiful Finnish boy Damon was very successful at Helsinki Winter shows. He was show in intermediate class and was excellent 2 with cc quality, under the judge judge Anna Albrigo from Italy and excellent 1, class winner with cc quality under the judge judge Peter Harsanayi from Hungary. We are very proud of him and his owner, Teija Ukkola!

     10th October 2013, new photos of Damon

  Our handsome boy, living in Finlad with his lovely owner Teija Ukkola ♥




(c) Noora & Teija Ukkola

   6th October 2013, Cacib Koper, Slovenia

What a wonderful weekend at International show is Koper - my baby girl Mei jSLO CH, Cro Ch A Sweet Lullaby of the Windy Lands (co owned with family Zrimšek) did me proud again - she won excellent and rCC yesterday under the judge Štefan Šinko and excellent, CC and rCACIB today under the judge Sašo Novak. She is now halfway through towards her Slovenian ch title:):)


   7th September 2013, Cac Samobor, Croatia

 Today I am on cloud nine! My sweet young girl, Mei - A Sweet Lullaby of the Windy Lands (co owned with family Zrimšek) was excellent 1, CC  and finally BEST OF BREED on a national show in Croatia under the respectable judge Davor Javor and with this last CC she fulfilled the conditions to become a CROATIAN CHAMPION. She is only 21 months old and she got this title in 4 shows in a row. I am so proud of her and so happy to have spent such a wonderful, sunny day with her, doing some showing and even more frisbee catching:) Thank you family Zrimšek for taking such a wonderful care of her!

     25th August 2013, Cac Trbovlje, Slovenia

We spent a nice day at Cac Trbovlje, Slovenia today, despite some rain at the beginning of the show. Our Mei - A Sweet Lullaby of the Windy Lands was shown in the intermediate class in Slovenia for the first time under the judge Godelieve de Wit-Bazelmans - NL and got a CC straight away. It's such fun showing her! Thank you to family Zrimšek for bringing Mei to the show!

     30th June 2013, Cac Koprivnica, Croatia

  Another wonderful day at a show yesterday, spent in a lovely company and with great results. Our Mei - A Sweet Lullaby of the Windy Lands was excellent 1 and got her 3rd CC in a row under the judge Srećko Kukić! Just one more and she shall become a Croatian ch! I am so proud of my young girl, she is so fun to show! And I am forever grateful to her co-owners, family Zrimšek, for letting me show her!


    8th and 8th June 2013, Cacib Umag, Croatia

On Saturday, one of my long time hoped dreams came true. My wonderful Blue Pearl, Sky, finally became a Champion! Those who follow us, know, it was not easy to get here as Sky used to dislike shows. But despite many people telling me to give up, I didn't, and after her litter, Sky became a new dog and started loving the shows! As long as you have cheese in your hands, she will do everything for you:) Sky is a very special girl and in the 4 years she's lived with me, she has taught me to never stop dreaming and to never give up! Thanks also to my dear friends Katarina Petrič and Sara Kalin, who've been with me the whole time, supporting & encouraging me and being the best company at shows. So here I present you, a new Croatian Champion, A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain, seen by the eyes and lens of Katarina Petrič

Also Sky's daughter was very successful at Cacib Umag. She was shown in intermediate class for the first time both days and was, under the judge Siniša Cujan on Saturday, excellent 1,CC and r cacib and under the judge Nenad Andic on Sunday once again excellent 1, CC and r cacib. She inherited her dad's genes so shows have been fun for her from the start and it's a real joy showing her. Thank you so much to her co-owners, family Zrimšek, for letting me show her and for all the help. She could not have a better family! 


      29th April 2013, Cac Hrusica, Slovenia

What a wonderful day at Cac Hrušica, Slovenia. My sweet Mei - A Sweet Lullaby of the Windy Lands did very well again in a ring. She won excellent 1, j CC, junior Bob ( judge Rehanek Petr, CZ) and with this title she became Slovenian junior Champion! She is the first champion in our kennel and I am so happy and so proud of her! Thank you to her co-owners, family Zrimšek, for taking such amazing care of her and bringing her to shows for me and thank you Katarina Petrič for this beautiful photo of my girl!


Also my Blue Pearl Sky made me proud today. She behaved really well in a ring, charmed the judge Rehanek Petr (CZ) and got excellent 1 and CC. I am so happy that after her litter she started enjoying the ring. Maternity really did well for her  Thank you Katarina Petrič for these wonderful photos! 


    20th April 2013, Cac Rovinj, Croatia

What a wonderful day today at CAC Rovinj, Croatia. My silver dream A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain - Sky, who has been out of the ring for her maternal duties for quite a while now, has come back really successfully. Today she won excellent 1, cac, bos and best of breed for the judge Vibor Ježek (Cro). Thank you Katarina Petrič for this beautiful photo of my girl.

Also Sky's son Damon - Absolute Dynamite of the Windy Lands was very successful at a show in Outokumpu, Finland. He was 1st in junior class, best male3 and res CC (judge Astrid Lundava, EST). I am so proud of him and thankful to his owner, teija Ukkola, for taking such great care of our boy!

(c) Pasi Suuriniemi

    7th April 2013, Cac Barje, Slovenia

Seems to be the national show Barje, Slovenia is always my lucky one...2 years ago my Sky went best of breed there and today, her daughter A Sweet Lullaby of the Windy Lands - Mei was shown in a youth class and got ex1 and junior CC. I am so proud of my black pearl! Thank you family Zrimšek, that co-owns her, for letting me show this black beauty.

(c) Katarina Petrič 



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