Nyxi was born 19th October 2013 to mum Spring " Gemheid Wribbons of Light" and dad Quill "Wicani Where Eagles Dare at Gemheid". 


Quill                                                                                                                       Spring

 Nyxi is imported from one of British best kennels called Gemheid. her breeder is Heidi Gallagher. In her pedigree you can find some of the best British lines such as Wicani,  Corydon and Rickwood as well as some of the best dogs from American line Van-M, that contribute to her fantastic, very stable character and good health (she is one of a few collies in Slovenia that carry clear eye gene)

Her granny was the famous Mistress - Wicani Wrenee Dessard, who was at her 13 years of age still very lively and agile and had been working as a therapeutic dog with her owner Annita McDonald for many years, receiving many awars for her sucessful work. She is one of the reasons I decided to import Nyxi! Mistress crossed the rainbow bridge in 2014 but will stay in our hearts frorever!


Another reason is her spectacular grandpa Van-M Good Fellow. He has the most spectacular, brave, stable, open and friendly character, I've never seen a rough collie like this. And he passes this on to all of his offsprings! When you see a collie with such character you instantly know he/she is a Fellows descendant!

Nyxi's great grandpa is the gorgeous Phreelancer Phrosty Moon over Corydon, he is UK's show record breaker!


And the most amazing of them all - the king himself - Wicani What's New Pussycat, is off course also found in Nyxi's pedigree. Ever since I first saw his photo I've been in love with Khan and he's been in my line ever since, whether in the puppies I breed or puppies I import!


Nyxi lives with my friend Irena Debevc and sometimes comes visit us at Windy Lands. We will show her together and when the time comes and we find a perfect prince for her, she will come to Windy Lands to have puppies here!

She is a wonderful young lady and Irena's family and me are totally in love with her. She has the best possible character, she is braver than most collies I know, very smart, self confident, curious, active and lively. She is crazy about bringing the ball, running and doing some puppy agility and she loved going in a tunnel and over the bridge the first time she tried it! She successfully completed a puppy school and the trainer said she's never seen such a brave little collie puppy!                                              



 In England when I went to pick her up

 In her new home in Kamnik - loves playing and running


First posing at 4 months


Visiting Windy Lands


successful at shows

Nyxi and me



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