Ever since I was a little girl, I have always liked animals. But living in a small apartment, we couldn't have anything else that some goldfish, turtles and later a fluffy gray cat named Muri. So I was spending time with our neighbour's black poodle Timmy and my grandma's dog Runo (who was born on the same day as me!) and later a German Shepherd mix called Charm. I loved them deeply, but I was dreaming of having my own dog. And ever since I saw a famous 'Lassie' movie, that dog had - off course - been a Rough Collie. I have admired their gentleness, intelligence and their amazingly beautiful coat.

 When I was 10 years old, we moved into a bigger house in a new city and my parents finally let me have a dog. I lost all of my friends and was really sad, but I got a new best friend, my very own 'Lassie'. I named her Gaja, the Earth Goddess. With her by my side, my childhood was a trully happy one. We did the obedience exam and trained Agility for 8 years. She was truly special and she stayed with me for almost 16 years. She died on the very same day I graduated from the University. It was as if she felt her job of my childhood companion was completed and she could let me go and move into a beautiful land over the rainbow. It was really difficult to get over her loss and when she left us, I thought I could never love another dog again. But after a few months I couldn’t stand the loneliness anymore and started searching for another collie. I was considering changing the breed but just couldn’t find that charm and beauty of a rough collie in any other breed.


So I finally found a new Collie girl, my sweet Blue Pearl Sky and she is bringing sunshine and happiness back into my life! She is not just amazingly beautiful, sweet, gentle and loving, but also incredibly smart. We did the obedience exam, have learnt tons of tricks, we are training Agility and Frisbee and she has a fantastic instinct for sheep herding. And on top of everything, she is also a very successful show dog.


In June 2010 I registered  a kennel 'Of The Windy Lands' as Sky and me live in a Slovenian's most Windy Valley. I was so happy when my biggest childhood dream came true with the first Windy Collies! In our first A litter, there were 5 babies, 4 of them live in Slovenia and the most handsome boy went to live to Finland with Teija Ukkola and her Windy Forest collies. From that litter I kept a tricolour princess, named Lia. She is the happiest dog, smiling all the time, just as her daddy Dandy. Since she is with us, our adventure has become even more exciting! I also kept her sister Mei in co-ownership, as Lia, due to her difficult at birth, won't be bred from. Mei lives with a wonderful family Zrimšek at the Slovenian seaside.



Last day of December 2013, a beautiful tricolor girl Nyxi - Gemheid Light of my Life from England joined our kennel. She contains some of the best bloodlines from England and America. I am thrilled with her amazing character, beautiful looks and great health status and forever grateful to her breeder, Heidi Gallagher for entrusting her to me. Nyxi is co owned with my good friend Irena Debevc. 


In February 2015, Sky became a mum for the second time. In out B litter, there were 5 girls and 3 boys. All of the puppies found wonderful homes in Slovenia, only our special blue merle boy Neel went to live in Denmark with Karen Jondahl and her Shep's collies. Also this time we kept the smallest and most special of the babies, little Lani, who is visually a copy of her mum and character - vise a copy of her dad Jett.  I also gave two of the puppies in co-ownership to my good friends. Our black princess Tara lives with Danijel closely and our sweet boy Kai lives with Gordana in Ptuj. All three of our super youngsters are very successful at shows, my sweet Lani is making me especially proud, and the best thing - she (unlike her mum Sky) LOVES the show ring:) She really is everything I have ever dreamt of!



Just one month after our B litter, also our Mei from Sky's first litter had her babies - our C litter. They were born in Koper, where Mei lives in co-ownership with the family Zrimšek.  There were 5 wonderful girls, but little Pika died after struggling for a month. It was a very sad experience for all of us, but the other 4 girls are growing up wonderfully and all have a happy character of their parents Mei and Legend. Our beauty Rhea went to live in Switzerland with Amalia Muri and her Collies vom Schinznacherweiler, Ria to Italian Tuscany, Lori to join her big uncle Messi from my first litter and the special one, Pai, stayed with her mum Mei and is co-owned with me.


In April 2016 our 4th litter was born - Nyxi became mum for the first time. She gave birth to 6 stunning little ones of the D litter. There were 3 blues and 3 tricolors. The most special one from the litter, Star, went to Finland to live with Teija Ukkola and Kirsi Rusanen. The stunning blue girl Lina went to live with Sandra Cerjak in Croatia and I will hopefully get her puppy someday. The tricolor beauty Coco went to live with family Grčman in Ljubljana. The special tricolor boy Eros went to my dear friends Katarina Petrič and Anja Gavez (kennel Aydeen). The other blue boy, the sweet  Lin went to live with Tina Doberlet and he will become her hiking companion. The last tri girl Naja went to live with a wonderful family Peternelj in Cerkno.


In spring 2017, our E and F litters were born. Sadly, there were only one puppy in each litter (we lost a boy in E litter) but they are both so much more special and precious that way! Our Mea, the daughter of Mei, went into co-ownership to a very nice young boy, Denis. Our gorgeous boy Neo went to my neighbor and a good friend, Daša, so I get to see him a lot :)


In Autumn 2017 our G litter was born out of our Tara (B litter) and an outstanding Finnish male Stigu - Skabona Oriental Style, who carries some of world best lines (Fantazija, Steadwyn, Wicani, Rejejis). Thank you so much Teija Ukkola (Windy Forest's) for letting me use him and my dear friend Katarina Petrič  (Aydeen) who helped me with this project! There were 6 fantastic puppies in a litter, 3 boys and 3 girls, 3 sables and 3 tricolors. I named the first born sable girl Gaia after my beloved first collie - Gaja. Also the young Gaia has an amazing, always happy temperament. She now lives in Italy with her daddy Alberto and mummy Beatrice and is super successful in a show ring! Another beauty from this litter, Gill, is rocking the show ring with her new daddy, Mark. She was very special to me as a baby and I am so pleased she found such an amazing home with Mark and Leja! The third girl, Gea, lives in Slovenia, in a town called Preserje with family Močnik and is a neighbor to her auntie, Dream (Tara's litter sister). The boys all went abroad, Gal to Slovakia, Prince to Italy and Amor to Croatia. Our two big stars from this litter, Gaia and Gill, took part of the EDS 2018 and they were placed 2 and 4 in a strong youth class of 12 bitches! Way to go, girls!  

In January 2018, our H litter was born. We mated  Dream ( B litter), to a sweet boy Billy - Blowing in the Windy Bill of Kassiopeia, imported from Germany. There were 7 puppies, 4 sable boys and 3 tricolor girls. Robin stayed with her mummy Dream and will be used in my breeding program, her sister Winny lives in Bohinj, Slovenia and the other sister Poppy went to live with Kristina and Borna in Zagreb, Croatia. The most beautiful boy, Jack, went to live with Gill and the family Zoran and is already winning at shows. His brother Oskar went to Finland and lives with his cousin Alfred (Damon's son). The other two boys, Pollux and Castor stayed in Slovenia. All puppies from this litter have very good characters.

In Spring 2018 we went to a faraway Czech to visit an outstanding male - Gary (Born for Agara and African Gold). It was a long journey, but worth it as we got 6 amazing puppies in our I litter. Nature tricked us a bit as all 6 were tricolors, but I am extremely pleased with this litter. All have sweet expressions, good shape and movement. The girls Inna and Issa and boys Izzy and Iggy stayed in Slovenia, and the other two girls, Inis and Iris went to Sweden (kennel Sunwinds) nad UK. I hope Inis and Iris will make their owners Malin and Peter proud!


What followed was a period of bad luck, disappointments and heartbreak. In Autumn of 2018, we drove to a faraway Germany to mate Lani, but were not successful.

In February 2019, our long awaited J litter from Sia (B litter) and an outstanding young male, a litter brother to the famous Piaf - One was born, but 2 blue merle puppies died, and our surviving princess Joy was badly hurt during the long and difficult whelping. She damaged her brain and she has issues with balance. She can't walk on her own. We have been working with various veterinarians and doing different therapies to help her progress as much possible. Joy found a wonderful new mum called Vanja and she really appreciates how amazing Joy is - brave, determined, a real fighter, but also very smart, always happy, very cuddly and loving. They have formed a very special bond and Joy has a new best friend, a handicapped kitten Murat 

. > Joy's story <


Another disappointment followed in April. We chose a fantastic young male from France for our Pai (C litter) and decided to import chilled semen for the first time. But due to the strike of a plane company, the semen arrived a day later, resulting in Pai being in whelp with just one puppy. The whelp didn't start on its own and the tricolor boy died during a c-cection. We were devastated. To honor our little angel, we won't have another K litter.


In the summer of 2019, luck finally returned to Windy Lands. My beloved Lani became a mum for the second time, this time she gave us 4 little sunshines of our L litter who really brought happiness to us. Sadly, the dad Ben - Androma Prince Caspian is no longer with us. He was a wonderful, most loving and gentle boy with an amazing expression, that truly made you fall in love with him. We named one of the boys in his honor (Legacy of Narnian Prince). Our dark prince Leo went to live to Hungary - kennel Darkonyx. His tricolor brother Lian went to Sweden, their tricolor sister Lainie stayed in Slovenia and will hopefully have a Windy Lands litter in a few years and the only blue merle puppy Lum stayed in Slovenia as well and will be shown by me next year. I spend a magical summer with these babies, it is especially amazing having litter here, at Windy Lands.



Because so many of my brood girls (in co-own homes) are now retired, we decided to import some new puppies. So in summer 2019, three new babies came to Slovenia, all three are children from our males. Max came from Hungary - kennel Afterhero and is a son of our Eros (D litter), Daisy and Enya both came from Italian kennel Olwyn K and are daughters of our Kai (B litter) and Prince (G litter). Daisy is precious as she carries a cea free gene and Max and Enya bring some fresh blood to our kennel through their mother's lines. 


This summer, also our wonderful silver prince Neel (Born to Impress) came back to Slovenia. He now lives with my good friend Kia in Koper and is already rocking the show ring and his first litter turned out to be of super quality. We decided to keep two girls from it - Aida stayed with their breeder Aljaž Tratnik and Aileen lives with my friend Nina.



In December, our M litter was born to mum Mea and and outstanding male, Junior World Winner Winston. Since the litter was or outstanding quality, we decided to keep two puppies - girl Melody and boy Mai. Both now live with Mea's co owner, Denis Kogovšek. Mai is the second of our future breeding stock who carriers one cea free gene.



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