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Ever since I was a little girl, I have always liked animals. But living in a small apartment, we couldn't have anything else that some goldfish, turtles and later a fluffy gray cat named Muri. So I was spending time with our neighbour's black poodle Timmy and my grandma's dog Runo (who was born on the same day as me!) and later a German Shepherd mix called Charm. I loved them deeply, but I was dreaming of having my own dog. And ever since I saw a famous 'Lassie' movie, that dog had - off course - been a Rough Collie. I have admired their gentleness, intelligence and their amazingly beautiful coat.

 When I was 10 years old, we moved into a bigger house in a new city and my parents finally let me have a dog. I lost all of my friends and was really sad, but I got a new best friend, my very own 'Lassie'. I named her Gaja, the Earth Goddess. With her by my side, my childhood was a truly happy one. We did the obedience exam and trained and competed in Agility for 8 years. She was truly special and she stayed with me for almost 16 years. She died on the very same day I graduated from the University. It was as if she felt her job of my childhood companion was completed and she could let me go and move into a beautiful land over the rainbow. It was really difficult to get over her loss and when she left us, I thought I could never love another dog again. But after a few months I couldn’t stand the loneliness anymore and started searching for another collie. I was considering changing the breed but just couldn’t find that charm and beauty of a rough collie in any other breed.


So I finally found a new Collie girl, my sweet Blue Pearl - Sky and she is bringing sunshine and happiness back into my life! She is not just amazingly beautiful, sweet, gentle and loving, but also incredibly smart. We did the obedience exam, have learnt tons of tricks, we are training Agility and Frisbee and she has a fantastic instinct for sheep herding. And on top of everything, she is also a very successful show dog.


In June 2010 I registered  a kennel 'Of The Windy Lands' as Sky and me live in a Slovenian's most Windy Valley. I was so happy when my biggest childhood dream came true with the first Windy Collies!

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   In December 2013, a beautiful tricolor girl Nyxi - Gemheid Light of my Life from England joined our kennel. She contains some of the best bloodlines from England and America. I am thrilled with her amazing character, beautiful looks and great health status and forever grateful to her breeder, Heidi Gallagher for entrusting her to me. Nyxi is co owned with my good friend Irena Debevc. 



In summer 2019, a daughter of our Kai (B litter) joined us from an Italian kennel Olwyn K.. Daisy (Olywn K Dew Point) is precious as she carries a cea free gene and she has her father's amazing character.


 In summer 2020, we imported two puppies of our special girl Lina (D litter) from Croatia - kennel Darsanian. Thank you so much dear Sandra for trusting them to us! Little Fame now lives with Jana and Gea (our G litter) and handsome Dancer found a truly amazing co own home with another Jana and lives very close to us.


In 2020, also a fabulous puppy from Russia came to Slovenia. Lunar Lakes Primadonna - Tanna. She is a daughter of Eu junior winner, the great Lunar Lakes Big Ben himself! Thank you dear Lydia and Inessa for this pearl! She lives with my good friend Kia Seničar (kennel Lingonskogen). Her daughter - Belladonna Windy Lingonskogen - Nera lives with us at Windy Lands.


In 2021 we imported a very special and precious boy from our dear friend Fabio Serra - little Tristan (Tuo Principe Azzuro Dellamonade). He is a grandson of a very special male One - the daddy of our Joy and uncle of our late Star. When I saw the picture of Tristan at 3 weeks I saw so much of Joy and Star in him and I knew I need to bring him to Slovenia. Luckily, my best breeder friends Katarina and Denis were up for it, so we decided to buy him together. Tristan is co owned with kennel Aydeen and lives with his cousin Dancer at our special friend Jana and we have high hopes for this beauty.


 In 2022 we imported a very special boy Mike - Vilties Dvekimas Magical Crystal from Lithuania! First I fell in love with his pedigree, ful of very quality collies and later, upon meeting him, in Mike himself. He was one of the most cheerful, gentle, loving and brave puppies I have ever had here at Windy Lands! He would just swamp everybody he met with kisses!  Mike now lives with my dear friend Tina and Jana in Slovenia and we have high hopes for him!


  2024 was a new milestone, as my life partner, Tilen Vodlan,  joined our breeding and became a co owner of our kennel. Now Windy Lands in a family kennel:)



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