28. December 2014 A litter is 3 years old!

Happy third birthday my dear babies! You've all grown into truly stunning collies and are making your owners, mummy Sky and me as a breeder proud and happy!

    Our Finnish boy Damon has successfully passed a mental test and is already a father of 4 litters! He is also a successful show dog, winning his class multiple times.

Our girl Mei, who is co-owned with a family Zrimšek, is our show star - she has become Slovenian junior Champion, Slovenian Champion and Croatian Champion.

Our pretty boy Tai gave us a real scare a few days ago, when he escaped from home because of the firecrackers. We were all beyond happy, when he was returned safely after 4 days! He was shown just one time winning a CC and BOS.

Our blue boy Messi lives as a beloved family member near Ljubljana with his owner Maruša. He is a frisbee freak, just like his mummy:)

And last, but certainly not the least, is our little treasure Lia. She's overcome so many problems and turned out into a stunning little beauty who is making our life happier with her smile and her joyful, always happy character.

Here's to many many more happy, healthy years! Love you all, my sweeties  

      21/22 November 2014 Special show for British sheepdog and Cacib Zagreb

  Nyxi was the star of the show in Zagreb! First day she was second in a very strong youth class under the respectable judge Tomas Rohlin. She got an amazing description from him! On Saturday she did even better, she beat the whole class, become junior best of breed and qualificed for Crufts!!! Way to go girl! thank you Irena for letting me take her to this 2 days show! We had a wonderful time there!


      4th October 2014 Cacib Koper

We have the first Slovenian Champion in our kennel! Our Mei got her 4th CC in Koper and fulfilled the conditions to become A Slovenian Beauty Champion. I am beyond excited! Thank you to family Zrimšek for taking such a fantastic care of our beauty! She will now retire from the ring and hopefully start her maternal duties soon!:)


     21 September 2014 Cac Karlovac, Croatia

  Nyxi's first show in Croatia was a success! Again, she won her class, got JCC and later on junior best of breed. Thank you Irena for taking such a wonderful care of her and for the lovely photos!


      31st August 2014 Cac Trbovlje

 Very successful start of a show career for our British beauty Nyxi, co-owned with Irena Debevc. She won her class, won junior best of breed and was among the finalists in the j bis competition! I am so proud of her! She is a joy to show! Thank you, Irena, for training her, bringing her to the show and photographing her!


      June 2014 Damon's fourth litter - in a kennel Veralan


     19th June 2014 Cac Koroška

      Very succesful show! Two of the 'puppies' from our A litter were shown and both achieved fantastic results. Our girl Mei, co-owned with family Zrimšek,  won her class and got her 3rd CC, so she is just one CC short from becoming a Slovenian Champion! Our beautiful boy Tai, co-owned with Boris Čekon, was shown for the first time and he presented himself like a pro. The judge could praise his beautiful gface enough and he gave him CC with BOS! I am so proud of both of our babies! Thank you to their families for bringing them to the show!




          February 2014 Damon's second litter

   Damon is a father for the second time. he has wonderful blue merle and tricolour puppies at the kennel Lilyett's. The mother of the babies is a beautiful Lilli - HOVIHAUKUN LA ILLUZIONE.





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