Our young boy Eros did wonderfully at the special show in Zagreb - he was very promising 1 and best baby of breed!


Also my silver jewel Lani - Beyond Limits of the Windy Lands did me proud by winning excellent 1 with CC in a really big and strong competition at the IDS Zagreb II. That is her 3rd CC in Croatia, so she only needs one more to close her Croatian Championship.



Our handsome Kai - Bejewelled Sky of the Windy Lands was excellent 1 with cc at IDS Vrtojba and has now fulfiled the conditions to become also a Slovenian Junior Champion! We are so proud of our beautiful boy!




Happy half year birthday to our sweeties! 


Eros                                                                                                                      Coco 


Star                                                                                                                     Lina  


Naja                                                                                                                     Lin  


Our show superstar Lani continues with her amazing ring performance. At Cacib Lipica I she won her class with a cc, was best female with CACIB and she finished up with winning BEST OF BREED over a champion! This is her 4th best of breed in a row! We didn't wait for the group because it was terribly cold and we rushed home to warm up a bit:) Thank you for the rather strict breed judge  JORGEN HINDSE (DK) who admired Lani's good drive in movement. Next day was a very important show, Cacib Lipica II that counted as a special show. A CC from the special show is now needed for the Slovenian Championship and Lani won that too, under  the judge  Jadranka Smojver Selimović. She now has 4 CCs that she got in a row! She needs 5 for the Championship, but she can get the last one after she is 2 years old, so we have to wait until March for the last one.

Lipica was also a debut show for our special boy Eros from our D litter. He behaved wonderfully in a ring with his owner Katarina (and was cheered for by his co-owner Anja) and won his baby class and was later best baby in breed. We are all very proud of him!


I showed another baby from this litter, Coco, she was got very promising 1, but was a bit too crazy in a ring, so we have to practice a little bit more for the next time:) I am, however, very happy with the quality of our puppies, they are developing super nicely.  


Here our young show team :)



My collies did amazingly this summer!

Our young girl Pai from our C litter won her 1st j cc at Cac Rovinj, her 2nd j cc with j bob at Cacib Umag and later at Cac Opatija her 3rd jcc with j bob in a row and became a Croatian Junior Champion.  

Our beautiful big boy Kai from the B litter won his first Slovenian j cc at Cac Koroška under the breed specialist Lidija Okleščen and his 2nd j cc with bos at Cac Obala as well as his first adult cc in Croatia at Cacib Varaždin.  


Our black beauty Tara from the B litter won her 3rd and last j cc with j bob at Cac Obala and she is now a Slovenian junior Beauty Champion!


My dream girl, my precious silver jewel Lani did me so proud this summer! She is not only amazingly beautiful but also super fun to show as she loves the attention and all the cheese she gets in a ring. So I took her to many shows this summer and she did amazingly! At Cacib Varaždin she got her first adult cc and her frist cacib and bos, at Cac Opatija she got her second cc, bos and BOB! In Slovenia she got her frist j cc and bos at Cac Koroške under the breed specialist Lidija Okleščen and then her 2nd at 3rd j cc with j bob at Cacib Bled under two other breed specialists -  Michele Colborne and Thomas Rohlin. It really means a lot gaining her slo j ch title under such respectable judges! Later she was shown in an adult class at Cac Obala where she was cac, bos and BOB! At Cac Trbovlje she gained her first Slovenian adult cc with bos and bob over some really nice collies and she went ever further by gaining her very first BEST OF GROUP title! I am over the moon with this amazing success and I am very happy the Italian judge Vito Zambelli shares my admiration of Lani with me:)



Cac Trbovlje was also the very first show for the youngest member of our show team - little Coco from our D litter. She behaved great in the ring and was best puppy in breed!

 At Cac Obala, my three babies from my B litter, Lani, Kai and Tara were also res best in show breeding group!



 In July we had our annual Windy lands collies&owners meeting. It was great seeing some of my babies from our 4 litters and chatting with their owners.

Nyxi and her babies Coco, Eros and Lina from our D litter


A group photo of my A, B, C and D litters

As Lin and Naja from our D litter couldn't attend the meeting, we decided to visit them. It was wonderful seeing them again!




All of the puppies from our D litter found wonderful new homes.

Coco went to a wonderful home in Ljubljana to the family Grčman. They had been waiting for her for more than a year! Our little beauty will be shown and if everything goes as planned also bred from, as she carrier a cea free eye gene after her mum!


Eros has been the most special to me from the start so despite having quite a few interesting offers for him from abroad, I couldn't part with him. I am very happy that my dear friend and fellow breeder, Katarina Petrič (Kennel Aydeen) fell in love with him as well and 'adopted' him together with her good friend Anja. Eros now lives a super life with a few other dogs, cats and other animals at Anja's and will be shown by Katarina. We all have very high hopes for this little sweety!


 Also our other dark beauty, Naja, went into a very nice and loving home with the family Peternelj in Cerkno. Also they had been waiting for their black jewel for over a year and it was love at first sight when they first came to see her. Naja now lives in a true paradise and the love and cherish her!


Our very special girl Lina - the only blue girl in the litter - went to my other dear friend Sandra in Croatia. She is loved and treasured by her because also Sandra had been waiting for her silver princess for many years. She will be shown and hopefully also bred by us in the future.


Another stunning blue from this litter - Star - went to a very far, but much loved home in Finland with Kirsi Rusanen (kennel Heiluvillen)  and Teija Ukkola (kennel Windy Forest's) and with two 'big brothers' Merlin and Aslan. He is a copy of his famous daddy Piaf and we all have very high hopes for our handsome boy.

Last but certainly not least, the other silver beauty Lin found an amazing, loving home with his best friend Tina. Also with the two was love at first sight and they have been inseparable ever since. It is great getting reports from their little adventures!  


I would like to say thank you to Nyxi's co-owner Irena, who had a litter and her place and invested a lot of time, patience and love in them! 


On a magical date - 16.4.2016, 6 wonderful little bundles of joy were born at Windy Lands.

We have one stunning blue girl, two magnificent blue boys, two wonderful tri girls and one very special tri boy.  


1 week 


2 weeks 



3 weeks 


4 weeks

5 weeks - with mum Nyxi


More photo is our facebook album: D litter and D litter growing up

Cacib Maribor - April 2016

We took our Black Swan Tara to Cacib Maribor and she won a junior cc under the respectable judge Barbka Novak. Thank you for seeing potential in our young girl ♥


We also visited her sister Natti and brother Kai and her mummy Sky was there to cheer for her.


Family portrait - Tara, their mum Sky, Kai, Natti                                     Beauty in Motion - Natti 


7 April 2016 - Our C litter is 1 year old ♥

Happy birthday to our Pai and her sisters Rhea, Lori and Ria!

We took Celestial Legend -  Pai to her first show in a youth class and she won her first j cc under the very nice judge, Alenka Pokorn. She showed like a pro and charmed the judge with her beautiful movement and sweet expression. I am very proud of our youngest member of Windy Lands team!

23 February 2016 - Our B litter is 1 year old ♥

Happy birthday to the love of my life, Lani, and to her brothers Kai, Neel and Sid and sister Tara, Natti, Dream and Sia!

We expect puppies

After a year, love is in the air at Windy Lands again. Our lovebirds Nyxi and Piaf were successfully mated and we expect some outstanding puppies around April 21st. They will be raised in a loving family home, they will have early neurological stimulation, potty training, lots of socialization (people of all ages, other dogs or all breeds, sheep and horses, driving in a car, visiting the veterinary, adjusting to traffic and city noises etc), lead training, grooming on a grooming table training, clicker training and of course a big inside and outside playground.


Nyxi – Gemheid Light of my Life is our UK imported girl and she is a Slovenian Junior Ch, Croatian Junior Ch, Slovenian junior Winner '15, Winter winner '15, has 2 cc in Slovenia, 3 cc in Croatia and 2 cacibs. She is dm non carrier and cea genetically carrier.


Piaf – One Extraordinary Blu di Cambiano is at his tender age already a huge show star being a Croatian jCH, Slovenian jCH, Italian jCH, Luxemburg jCH, Amsterdam j. winner, Slovenian j. winner, Benelux j. winner, World club junior winner 2015, Juniores BEST IN SHOW Winner All-Beeds, Junior BEST IN SHOW 3rd, Junior BEST IN SHOW Winner All-Beeds. He is a litter brother to World Winner 2015 – One Incredible Blu di Cambiano.


Future hoped – for puppies combine some of word's best lines – Wicani, Corydon, Van M, Steadwyn and Cambiano.

Cacib Rijeka

wonderful show weekend at Cacib Rijeka where my very special baby girl Lani did me so proud by winning her class both days with a jcc and topping that with a  j bob on Sunday. Lani - Beyond Limits of the Windy Lands is now a second Croatian junior Champion form our B litter. She is a joy to own and show and I am so happy I kept her ♥

Cacib Ljubljana

 Our young hope Tara - Black Swan of the Windy Lands was very successful at the Club Show in Ljubljana under a very strict but very knowledgeable breed specialist Myrna Shiboleth. Tara won her class beating a strong competition and became a Slovenian junior club champion 15. She is the third junior champion from our B litter and I am so proud of our young beauty! Thank you to her co-owner Danijel for entrusting her to me.




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