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Summer 2015 - Show success

It's time for show again! Our English princess Nyxi - Gemheid Light of My Life  has hit the show ring after the break and she's been winning all summer!

At a national show Cac Rogla she won her class, was best bitch and finally best of breed under the judge Jadranka Smojer Selimović (Hr). 


At international show Cacib Bled she won her class and was best adult bitch, winning her second Slovenian Cacib under the respectable judge  Sašo Novak (Slo). This is her 3rd CC in Slovenia, so we now have to wait until February to finish her Slovenian Ch title.

Last day of August was a show debut for the first of my girls from our B litter - Dream - Be My Sp'Icy Dream of the Windy Lands. She behaved wonderfully in the ring and the judge Lisbeth Mach (Ch) praised her lovely character and beautiful appearance. She won her class and was awarded best puppy in breed. Thank you to her young owner Barbara for preparing and training her so well for the ring!  Her sister Lani and cousin Nyxi were there as well, cheering for her:)



Next show was in a beautiful little Croatian town called Samobor and this time it was a show debut for my special baby girl, my silver jewel Lani - Beyond Limits of the Windy Lands. She also behaved wonderfully in a ring and got admired for her happy, brave character and wonderful silver blue colour. She won her class and was later best puppy in breed under the judge  Tibor Havelka (Sk). Her show companion was our English star, Nyxi - Gemheid Light of my Life, who won her class and got her second Cc in Croatia. She is now halfway through towards  winning her her Croatian Ch title. 



Next weekend it was a lovely show at Slovenian Coast called Cac Obala. It was time for the third of our girls from the B litter - Tara - Black Swan of the Windy Lands to show her charms and she did a great job. The judge Mirja Lapajne (Slo) admired her wonderful character and beautiful development. Tara won her class and was best puppy in breed. Thank you to Tara's co-owner Danijel for preparing her so nicely for the show.


This show was also a show debut for 'the baby of the 'Windy Lands' - our wonderful silver girl, Paikea - Celestial Legend of the Windy Lands. She also behaved really nice in a ring and the judge praised her character and her amazing blue colour. She won her class and got the title best baby in breed. Thank you to her co-owners for preparing her for the show and for letting her stay on a little holiday at Windy Lands before the show:)



June - July 2015 Girls from C litter are leaving for the new homes

Also our C litter is growing up. The first to move into a new home was our Emi, who is now called Lori. She lives with her uncles Messi, a silver boy from our A litter.


The second was Rhea, who went to Switzerland with her super mum Amy. She now lives at the kennel Collies Von Schinznacherweiler.



The last one to leave home was our little crazy hurricane Ria, she moved to Italian Tuscany with her incredible mum Caterina. She lives with a little mixed girl and with another collie girl Babi.


Our silver beauty Paikea stayed with her mum Mei and lives in co ownership with family Zrimšek. She looks the most like her famous daddy Legend and I am so happy we can keep her. She has a wonderful character and the most amazing silver blue colour. She stayed at Windy Lands for a few weeks and we had a lot of fun with her.




28 July 2015 Windy Lands family meeting at Cerknica Lake

We spent a lovely day in the company of puppies from our 3 litters and their owners and some other collie friends. We met Messi and Mei from our A litter,  Natti, Kai, Tara and Lani from B litter and Pai and Lori from C litter. Thank you Irena for bringing our special girl Nyxi and for all these lovely photos. 



April- June 2015 Babies from B litter are leaving for new homes

Our puppies are already 9 weeks old. Time really flew and it is time for them to move into their new homes. I thought it would be easier with the second litter, but it's just as hard, if not harder. All the puppies have such wonderful cuddly characters and it is really heartbreaking to say goodbye to them. But I am also happy as they all got wonderful new homes and are making their new owners happy. 

The first to leave Windy Lands was our black princess Dream. She now lives with a 12 year old girl Barbara, they go to a dog school, are already training for shows and are overall taking a wonderful care of our girl. We visited them in their home in Ljubljana and later also on holidays in Kobarid. The girls recognized each other straight away and played for hours.




The second to find a lovely new home was Siyah, who is now called Sia. She lives with a nice family only half an hour from here, so we see each other a lot. They have two small children who adore her and we all go to a puppy school together with Tara and Lani. The girls are always very happy to see eachother.  



   The first boy who left Windy Lands was my very special boy Kai. He is the cuddliest and sweetest of them all. He would always come into my lap and stay there for hours. I think my friend Gordana is the only one who I would entrust that special baby. She had 2 collies before and is such a loving person. Kai now lives with her, his big brother Badi and Gordana's lovely family in Ptuj. He goes to a puppy school too and already knows many tricks. I visited him two times already and he is always beyond happy to see me and his sisters. Kai is co owned and will be shown by me.



The next boy who moved into a new home was our special baby Sid. He also is super cuddly and lovely and he is very special also due to his unique markings. Every visitor first noticed him and he was my mum's favourite:) He now lives at the Slovenian seaside with 3 lovely children and a big sister Lassie:)



Natti stayed with us for 3 months and I got really attached to her. She is not only amazingly cuddly, loving, outgoing and brave but also has such a wonderful face and expression. I was very picky and selective as to who to entrust my special beauty but when Boštjan came to visit, I saw it was love at her first sight. So also Natti moved to Ptuj, to live close to her brother Kai. She now lives with Boštjan and a big brother Jack.  I spent a wonderful weekend with them all and I know I did the right decision sending Natti to Boštjan and Kai to Gordana.



   My special babygirl Tara stayed with us for almost 4 months as her owner Danijel was moving house. She now lives only 20 min away from us and visits us often. She is co owned and will be shown and bred by me. We are always happy to have her back at Windy Lands, her sisters and mum adore her.


The last to leave home was our most impressive boy, Neel. With my dear friend Katarina Petrič (kennel Aydeen) we took him to Munich to meet his new mummy, Karen Jondahl. It was so wonderful to meet this famous dog breeder who is such a nice and lovely woman. We also had the chance to meet the spectacular Basil - World Winner Shep's Gonzages Que Guapo. So Neel now lives with Karen and her Shep's collies in Denmark. He slept during the entire road trip just as Lani did as I took her with us to Munich to keep Neel company. I am really thrilled by these puppies easy going, open, fearless characters.

Neel be happy in your new home, we miss you terribly at Windy Lands!


8 May 2015 Sad day at Windy Lands

  Today our little Pika from C litter lost her fight. She got water in her lungs during a difficult birth and she was fighting hard for a month and it seemed like she was going to make it...the owners of Mei were incredible, doing everything in their power to save her. She lived to be one month old and we really believed she would pull through...but her little heart gave out today. We are all so sad...sleep tight, little angel and run free with my first collie, Gaja, and their first collie, Rhea ♥ You will live in our hearts forever!

30 April 2015 Girls from C litter are 3,5 weeks old

  Our girls are growing fast! They all walk, run, play and eat by themselves!




23 April 2015 Our B litter is 2 months old!

  Our little bandits are 2 months old! Can't believe how time flies! They will soon start leaving us to move into their new homes. This will be the most difficult part of the breeding - saying good bye:( I love every single one of them dearly, they are not only stunningly beautiful but also have amazing, brave and super loving characters!


17 April 2015 Girs from our C litter are 10 days old!

  The girls are 10 days old and doing great. Milena and Vojko, Mei's co-owners are taking a fantastic care of them and I visit them as much as I can.


 7th April 2015 Our C litter is born!

  And what a litter it is - Mei & Legend gave me 5 gorgeous girls! We have three stunning blue merle girls and two beautiful tricolor princesses. I am so proud and happy ♥ The litter is in Koper, on the Slovenian coast, where Mei lives. I am so grateful to her co-owners for taking such a great care of the little ones! And I will always remember this date at it is my dear sister Ana's birthday today:)

 More photos in album > C litter <

6th April 2015 Puppies are 6 weeks old

  Puppies posed on the table for the first time. They did a great job - thank you Sara Klain for all the help!

My sister Ana, who lives in Dubai, visited us. She completely fell in love with the little ones ♥

We went to the eye specialist 2 hours away from here. Puppies all have healthy eyes, they were amazing during the long car drive and very curious and brave at the vet clinic, making everybody fall in love with them!

Here they are, tired after a long and evenful day!

More photos in album > B litter <

23. march 2015 Puppies are 1 month old

  Our B litter is 1 month old. The puppies are growing fast, they are becoming more and more active, brave and playful. Sky is a wonderful mummy and the big sister Lia is thrilled by the new playmates:)










More photos in album > B litter <

23. February 2015 The puppies are here!

    On the night of 23rd February, Sky gave me the most beautiful present - 8 gorgeous fur babies!  We have three stunning blue merle boys, one wonderful blue merle girl and three beautiful tricolor girls.



Some of the puppies are still available. All the info at

More about the litter > click <

8-15. Februar 2015  Nyxi is Slovenian and Croatian junior Champion!

   Nyxi - Gemheid Light of my Life is rocking the show ring! She was twice cac, r.cacib at the inter show in Rijeka, Croatia and she has fulfilled the conditions to become a Croatian Junior Champion! The judge on Saturday was Joyce Crawford-Manton from Ireland and on Sunday the breed specialist, a very respectable judge from Finland, Mr. Rainer Vourinen.

A week after we went to Cacib Celje, Slovenia,  and she was rec. Cac the first day under John Walshu and cac, CACIB on Sunday under his wife, Joan Walsh.  With that she became a Slovenian Junior Champion as well as Winter Winner 2015!

I couldn't be happier with our Black Beauty!


 22. January 2015  We expect puppies end of Febuary!

    After a 3 year break, we feel it's time for puppies again! Our frist litter was a bit difficult due to our little, prematurely born baby Lia. It was really exausting saving her, but Lia has grown into a wonderful, happy, energetic girl, who really appreciates her life and knows how to enjoy it and have fun. She is our little sunshine who brightens our days. I will never regret my decision of saving her!

Our 'mummy' Sky had a date with a fabulous young male Jett on a Christmas day and her pregnancy was confirmed today! He carriers the best of Wicani lines, mixed with some old American Van M lines. He is not only strinkingly beautiful, but also has the most wonderful, loving, warm, happy, active and brave character and is a very strong, healthy boy. They were crazy about each other so I can't wait to see their babies end of February 2015.

For more info    >- click-<  

Jett - SloJCH Hot N'Sp'Icy of the Holy Mountain  

mdr +/+, dm non carrier, hips A/A

Cro CH A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain

mdr -/-, hips A/A, cea clinically clear, PRA genetically clear




   18. January 2015 Cacib Ljubljana

   Our Nyxi - Gemheid Light of my Life made me so proud today! She beat a big class or young females, won her 2nd jcc in Slovenia under the breed specialist Lidija Okleščen and won the title Slovenian Junior Winner 2015. Thank you to her co-owner Irena Debevc for taking such a great care of her, brining her to the show and taking this beautiful photo of her!

   28. December 2014 A litter is 3 years old!

Happy third birthday my dear babies! You've all grown into truly stunning collies and are making your owners, mummy Sky and me as a breeder proud and happy!

    Our Finnish boy Damon has successfully passed a mental test and is already a father of 4 litters! He is also a successful show dog, winning his class multiple times.

Our girl Mei, who is co-owned with a family Zrimšek, is our show star - she has become Slovenian junior Champion, Slovenian Champion and Croatian Champion.

Our pretty boy Tai gave us a real scare a few days ago, when he escaped from home because of the firecrackers. We were all beyond happy, when he was returned safely after 4 days! He was shown just one time winning a CC and BOS.

Our blue boy Messi lives as a beloved family member near Ljubljana with his owner Maruša. He is a frisbee freak, just like his mummy:)

And last, but certainly not the least, is our little treasure Lia. She's overcome so many problems and turned out into a stunning little beauty who is making our life happier with her smile and her joyful, always happy character.

Here's to many many more happy, healthy years! Love you all, my sweeties  

      21/22 November 2014 Special show for British sheepdog and Cacib Zagreb

  Nyxi was the star of the show in Zagreb! First day she was second in a very strong youth class under the respectable judge Tomas Rohlin. She got an amazing description from him! On Saturday she did even better, she beat the whole class, become junior best of breed and qualificed for Crufts!!! Way to go girl! thank you Irena for letting me take her to this 2 days show! We had a wonderful time there!


      4th October 2014 Cacib Koper

We have the first Slovenian Champion in our kennel! Our Mei got her 4th CC in Koper and fulfilled the conditions to become A Slovenian Beauty Champion. I am beyond excited! Thank you to family Zrimšek for taking such a fantastic care of our beauty! She will now retire from the ring and hopefully start her maternal duties soon!:)


     21 September 2014 Cac Karlovac, Croatia

  Nyxi's first show in Croatia was a success! Again, she won her class, got JCC and later on junior best of breed. Thank you Irena for taking such a wonderful care of her and for the lovely photos!


      31st August 2014 Cac Trbovlje

 Very successful start of a show career for our British beauty Nyxi, co-owned with Irena Debevc. She won her class, won junior best of breed and was among the finalists in the j bis competition! I am so proud of her! She is a joy to show! Thank you, Irena, for training her, bringing her to the show and photographing her!


      June 2014 Damon's fourth litter - in a kennel Veralan


     19th June 2014 Cac Koroška

      Very succesful show! Two of the 'puppies' from our A litter were shown and both achieved fantastic results. Our girl Mei, co-owned with family Zrimšek,  won her class and got her 3rd CC, so she is just one CC short from becoming a Slovenian Champion! Our beautiful boy Tai, co-owned with Boris Čekon, was shown for the first time and he presented himself like a pro. The judge could praise his beautiful gface enough and he gave him CC with BOS! I am so proud of both of our babies! Thank you to their families for bringing them to the show!




          February 2014 Damon's second litter

   Damon is a father for the second time. he has wonderful blue merle and tricolour puppies at the kennel Lilyett's. The mother of the babies is a beautiful Lilli - HOVIHAUKUN LA ILLUZIONE.


     31st Deceber 2013  A new member has joined our kennel

  My friend Katarina Petrič (kennel Aydeen) and me visited some of our dear friends in England in the last days of the year 2013. Thank you Annita Mcdonald, Angela Harvey and Heidi Gallagher for your hospitality!

We brought a little treasure with us, a very sweet little girl called Nyxi - Gemheid Light of my Life. Nyxi is co-owned with my friend Irena Debevc and will live with her and her family, but will be shown and bred by me. Nyxi was brilliant in London, not afraid of any traffic and noise and could walk on a lead straight aways. She was great to travel with - totally cool and relaxed on a train, underground and on a plane where the whole crew stuff fell in love with her! I am, too,  blown away by her character and her looks, not to mention her spectacular pedigree full of my favourite rough collies and her great health status. You can read more about her on her page Nyxi



Nyxi in London

    28th December 2013 Our A litter is 2 years old

   Happy birthday my dear babies - Lia, Mei, Damon, Messi and Tai ♥


   14th and 15th December, Damon rocks the Helsinki Winter shows!

 Our beautiful Finnish boy Damon was very successful at Helsinki Winter shows. He was show in intermediate class and was excellent 2 with cc quality, under the judge judge Anna Albrigo from Italy and excellent 1, class winner with cc quality under the judge judge Peter Harsanayi from Hungary. We are very proud of him and his owner, Teija Ukkola!

     10th October, new photos of Damon

  Our handsome boy, living in Finlad with his lovely owner Teija Ukkola ♥




(c) Noora & Teija Ukkola

   6th October, Cacib Koper, Slovenia

What a wonderful weekend at International show is Koper - my baby girl Mei jSLO CH, Cro Ch A Sweet Lullaby of the Windy Lands (co owned with family Zrimšek) did me proud again - she won excellent and rCC yesterday under the judge Štefan Šinko and excellent, CC and rCACIB today under the judge Sašo Novak. She is now halfway through towards her Slovenian ch title:):)


   7th September, Cac Samobor, Croatia

 Today I am on cloud nine! My sweet young girl, Mei - A Sweet Lullaby of the Windy Lands (co owned with family Zrimšek) was excellent 1, CC  and finally BEST OF BREED on a national show in Croatia under the respectable judge Davor Javor and with this last CC she fulfilled the conditions to become a CROATIAN CHAMPION. She is only 21 months old and she got this title in 4 shows in a row. I am so proud of her and so happy to have spent such a wonderful, sunny day with her, doing some showing and even more frisbee catching:) Thank you family Zrimšek for taking such a wonderful care of her!

     25th August, Cac Trbovlje, Slovenia

We spent a nice day at Cac Trbovlje, Slovenia today, despite some rain at the beginning of the show. Our Mei - A Sweet Lullaby of the Windy Lands was shown in the intermediate class in Slovenia for the first time under the judge Godelieve de Wit-Bazelmans - NL and got a CC straight away. It's such fun showing her! Thank you to family Zrimšek for bringing Mei to the show!

     30th June, Cac Koprivnica, Croatia

  Another wonderful day at a show yesterday, spent in a lovely company and with great results. Our Mei - A Sweet Lullaby of the Windy Lands was excellent 1 and got her 3rd CC in a row under the judge Srećko Kukić! Just one more and she shall become a Croatian ch! I am so proud of my young girl, she is so fun to show! And I am forever grateful to her co-owners, family Zrimšek, for letting me show her!


  20th June  Damon's first babies

  Fantastic news from Finland! Our beloved Damon from our first litter became father to 8 gorgeous puppies. The mother is a beautiful girl Windy (Littelook Very Windy). There are 6 fat boys and 2 sweet girls. I am so happy and proud of our boy! ♥

    8th and 8th June, Cacib Umag, Croatia

On Saturday, one of my long time hoped dreams came true. My wonderful Blue Pearl, Sky, finally became a Champion! Those who follow us, know, it was not easy to get here as Sky used to dislike shows. But despite many people telling me to give up, I didn't, and after her litter, Sky became a new dog and started loving the shows! As long as you have cheese in your hands, she will do everything for you:) Sky is a very special girl and in the 4 years she's lived with me, she has taught me to never stop dreaming and to never give up! Thanks also to my dear friends Katarina Petrič and Sara Kalin, who've been with me the whole time, supporting & encouraging me and being the best company at shows. So here I present you, a new Croatian Champion, A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain, seen by the eyes and lens of Katarina Petrič

Also Sky's daughter was very successful at Cacib Umag. She was shown in intermediate class for the first time both days and was, under the judge Siniša Cujan on Saturday, excellent 1,CC and r cacib and under the judge Nenad Andic on Sunday once again excellent 1, CC and r cacib. She inherited her dad's genes so shows have been fun for her from the start and it's a real joy showing her. Thank you so much to her co-owners, family Zrimšek, for letting me show her and for all the help. She could not have a better family! 


And here my show stars, a mum and a daughter

     4th June A visit of daddy at Holy collies ranch

 We spent a lovely day on a picnic on our club for British Sheepdog that celebrated its 20th birtday! And we also did some family portraits with the daddy of our litter, multi&inter ch Essenjay Encore - the beautiful Dandy.


  1st June  Mei on holidays at Windy Lands



      29th April, Cac Hrusica, Slovenia

What a wonderful day at Cac Hrušica, Slovenia. My sweet Mei - A Sweet Lullaby of the Windy Lands did very well again in a ring. She won excellent 1, j CC, junior Bob ( judge Rehanek Petr, CZ) and with this title she became Slovenian junior Champion! She is the first champion in our kennel and I am so happy and so proud of her! Thank you to her co-owners, family Zrimšek, for taking such amazing care of her and bringing her to shows for me and thank you Katarina Petrič for this beautiful photo of my girl!


Also my Blue Pearl Sky made me proud today. She behaved really well in a ring, charmed the judge Rehanek Petr (CZ) and got excellent 1 and CC. I am so happy that after her litter she started enjoying the ring. Maternity really did well for her  Thank you Katarina Petrič for these wonderful photos! 


    20th April, Cac Rovinj, Croatia

What a wonderful day today at CAC Rovinj, Croatia. My silver dream A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain - Sky, who has been out of the ring for her maternal duties for quite a while now, has come back really successfully. Today she won excellent 1, cac, bos and best of breed for the judge Vibor Ježek (Cro). Thank you Katarina Petrič for these beautiful photos of my girl 

Also Sky's son Damon - Absolute Dynamite of the Windy Lands was very successful at a show in Outokumpu, Finland. He was 1st in junior class, best male3 and res CC (judge Astrid Lundava, EST). I am so proud of him and thankful to his owner, teija Ukkola, for taking such great care of our boy!

(c) Pasi Suuriniemi

    7th April, Cac Barje, Slovenia

Seems to be the national show Barje, Slovenia is always my lucky one...2 years ago my Sky went best of breed there and today, her daughter A Sweet Lullaby of the Windy Lands - Mei was shown in a youth class and got ex1 and junior CC. I am so proud of my black pearl! Thank you family Zrimšek, that co-owns her, for letting me show this black beauty and thank you Katarina Petrič for helping with the photoshoot and Sara KalinAna Soska KlapaAndreja Velepec and Neda Starman for the good company!

(c) Katarina Petrič 

    31th March  Mei on holidays at Windy Lands



    28th December  Our A litter is 1 year old. Happy birthday my babies! I love you all very much!

A Little Wonder - Lia


A Sweet Lullaby - Mei

A Black Adonis - Tai

A Diamond Dust - Messi

Absolute Dynamite - Damon

  13th October Mei's first show in youth class

 A Sweet Lullaby of the Windy Lands - Mei was shown first time in a youth class and the judge Jadranka Mijatović gave her excellent 1 and j CC with a very nice description that you can see under Mei's profile. She really enjoyed being in a ring and was smiling the whole time. It looks like she takes after her daddy Dandy - int ch, multi ch Essanjay Encore.

(c) Sara Kalin

   28th September A litter is 9 months old

 This month I took time to visit all of the puppies from our A litter. They are all growing into stunning young dogs with great, active, outgoing and happy characters.


A Little Wonder - Lia


A Sweet Lullaby - Mei


A Black Adonis - Tai


Absolute Dynamite - Damon  (c) Noora Ukkola


A Diamond Dust - Messi

And here some family portraits





   23th - 30th July A visit of Finland

What a fabulous week spent in Finland surrounded by collies that I've been admiring for ages! My friend Katarina Petrič from Aydeen kennel and me went to Finland mostly to visit our babies, Damon and Amber and also to  meet some of the world's most famous collie breeders and their collies. We were blown away by the quality of the collies that live there and friendliness of their owners.

We visited Anne Kokkonen and the kennel Silverlady's

With Joy, a girl I've been admiring from the day she was born - she is even sweeter and more beautiful in real life!

Mallu Heimonen and the kennel Kingcape's collies

Teija Ukkola and the kennel Windy Forest, the home of my beloved Damon


With my baby boy Damon, I was so happy he still remembers me ♥


Sussi Ross and the kennel Carnousties

With Taco and Nacho, I so wish I could take one of them home with me! I think they truly are the most beautiful collie girls I've ever seen in life, and what a character, too!


Linda Lehtiheimo and the kennel Leaftribe

With Blacky who I've been 'worshiping' for ages - he is even better in life!!:)


and Sanna Kinnunen and the kennel Dispiritos


the youngest and cutes roughs in the kennel


and the sweetest baby smooth in the world!

Thank you again for excepting us so nicely, it was one of the best experiences of my life! Thank you to all the other breeders and friends who accepted us in your homes or drove kilometres to bring your dogs to us and thank you Katarina for being such a fun travelling companion:)!

And here is my gorgeous baby boy Damon who is hardly a baby anymore:


Photo Katarina Petrič & Mojca Furlan


   28th June 2012 The puppies are 6 months old

How time flies! My summer holidays finally started so I had time to visit all of the puppies that live in Slovenia. They are all enjoying their new homes, but it makes me really happy they all still remember me and Lia and their mummy Sky and are always happy to see us.

Visiting Messi in Ljubljana..


..and a family reunion at Cerknica lake:)


                                                    Visit of Tai - after the refreshment in a stream nearby;)                                                                                 


Visit of or pretty girl Mei


And some news from Damon, who is really enjoying his new life in Finland

 And here some posing photos of the puppies:













   28th May 2012  Sky's babies are 5 months old

Lia and I visited  Messi:)



Lia and her brother Messi

Our girl Mei attended her first show and made me very proud. She was very promising baby1 and also bob baby! She behaved really nicely in a ring and greeted the judge Srečko Kukić with a wagging tail:)



Beautiful Mei ♥

After the show we had a little photoshoot with Lia, who was there the whole day supporting her big sister!


Lia with her cousin Heaven, Junior world winner 2012 and their friend Lord


Colour coordinated;)

  28th April 2012  The puppies are 4 months old

One day before his 4 months birthday, our sweet teddy bear Damon left for Finland. The last month we spent together was amazing and a goodbye was heartbreaking. But I was really happy how relaxed he was during the flight and how nicely he accepted his new family. He has found a great home, where he will be loved and cherished as a family member, as well as shown and hopefully used for breeding. I hope he will make them proud and they will make him happy. Our 2 and 4 legged family already miss him dearly so I am planning to visit him real soon!



                                                                  Last moment together                  A kiss goodbye                                                                                              


   Already in his new happy to see he looks so happy!   (c) Teija & Noora Ukkola

I wish you a long and happy life my dear Damon and hope to see you again soon! ♥

   April 2012

We spent a magical afternoon on Saturday, 21th of April, when all the puppies gathered again at the Holy collies ranch. The puppies got to know their father, the incredible Dandy, who has become a Serbian, Slovenian and international champion in the last few months. He charmed everybody with his loving and active character and I was so happy to observe how all of the puppies are so much like him! We had a little show training with professional handler Lana Premk and all the babies showed real talent. Later they spet a day playing and running, it was just like they never left their home kennel! 

A family portrait

 3rd March - 1st April 2012  Puppies leaving

 All of our puppies have now found loving homes! I miss them loads but I am happy they are bringing joy to their new, amazing owners!

Tai is enjoying with Alma and Boris in a big house with a huge garden, where he is spoiled rotten. His new best friend are Mr. Cat and Mr. Rabiit:)


Saying goodbye to Tai in March


Tai in his new home

Visiting him after a month ♥


Becoming a stunning young boy

 Mei went to live on a hill overlooking the entire Slovenian seaside and she can run freely as there are no roads near. She lives with Milena and her family and they all adore her. She has already started going to a puppy school and I am very proud of her.


Mei saying goodbye



Visit after 3 weeks


Also Mei is  a gorgeous young lady ♥

Because of reservation, which was later cancelled, Naj stayed at Windy Lands for another month. This was one of the best months in my life. We spent every afternoon outside with my 4 beautiful babies, Sky, Lia, Naj and Damon. It was never boing when Naj was around, it's wasn't a minute when he wasn't running around, exploring, playing with brother, sister and mum and bringing me frisbee or running through agility tunnel.



I absolutely love his character and I was really tempeted to keep him but then a really nice couple, Maruša and Jurij came along and at the first day of April my sweet beautiful boy went to live in our capital city Ljubljana. They decided to name him  Messi as he is just as fast and agile as the famous football player Messi. We all miss him terribly here at Windy Lands, I still get tears in my eyes seeing his photos and Lia, Damon and Sky are going around the house all lost searching for him. But I think Naj/Messi is really happy in his new home and he has already found a place in their bed;) Maruša loves him dearly I am sure I couldn't have found a better place for him.



Naj kissing me goodbye  

Already enjoying in his new home


He loves to pose and I found him absolutey stunning ♥

   28th February  2012

 The puppies are 2 months old and they will soon leave us to go to their new homes. I am trying to enjoy as much time possible with them as we will miss them terribly here at Windy Lands. We had our fist biggest trip this week as we went to the specialist to check their eyes in a town 2 hours from here. They all behaved great in a car and their eyes are ok! We also had many many visitors coming to admire our little beauties so we spent a really nice week.

Here is the last picture or all the litter together


A litter of the Windy Lands

My beautiful girls!

                                                (c) Windy Lands                                       

Posing time - now we are real professionals:)


 A Little Wonder - Lia (owner Mojca Furlan)


A Sweet Lullaby - Mei (owner Milena Zrimšek & Mojca Furlan)


                                                               A Diamond Dust - Naj (owner Maruša Rupar)                                                                        


            A Black Adonis - Tai (owner Boris Čekon & Mojca Furlan)


Absolute Dynamite - Damon (owner Teija Ukkola, Finland) 

Photos by Sara Kalin and Riccardo Gardenal

More photos in album. More info about parents under  litter A.

  22th February  2012

The puppies are 8 weeks old and all they want to do is stay outside, run, play and explore. It's almost imposible to keep them inside. We are learning how to come when called and some basic commands (sit down, wait). They all know their names very well and they are all showing a good agility and frisbee potential. They now eat only 4 times a day, which is a real luxus for me:) They were also vaccinated for the first time and microchipped and everybody at the vet's was melting when seeing them:)


Here all together with their mummy

                   The boys                                                             The girls

The ball!!!!                                               Exausted after a loong day outside:)


They are all showing their little characters already.

Damon is the most independent and a real explorer, he is constantly escaping from the puppy pen and going around the house.


 Naj is the breavest and the most laid back guy who loves to run and catch balls of frisbee. He is a lot like his mummy.


                                                      (c) Gregor Kervina

Mei is our little sunshine, smiling all the time and loving to run and catch balls. She is the most like their daddy.


Tai is our pretty boy with the cutes little face and he is a very sweet and cuddling nature.


                                                            (c) Marinka Srebernjak

And Lia is my little star, she is not afraid of anything and loves everything and everybody. She is the happies outside, where she can run freely and play with her litter mates and her mummy. When inside, she loves to cuddle, mostly with me:)


And here some posing:


 A Little Wonder - Lia


A Sweet Lullaby - Mei


                                                               A Diamond Dust - Naj                                                                        


            A Black Adonis - Tai


                 Absolute Dynamite - Damon 

Photos by Diana Kocijančič, Manca Srebernjak and Mojca Furlan

More photos in album. More info about parents under  litter A.

  15th February  2012

 The puppies are 7 weeks old and they finally met the outside world! They absolutely love it! They are running around, exploring our garden and agility field. Lia loves it the most:) They now eat only 6 times a day, so I can finally get some rest:)

All together, look at all the happy faces:)


They love to explore and play together


We got a visit from Sky's brother and his owners     This is how Damon rests after a hard day:)

                And here some posing:


 A Little Wonder - Lia


A Sweet Lullaby - Mei


                                                               A Diamond Dust - Naj                                                                        


            A Black Adonis - Tai


                 Absolute Dynamite - Damon 

 Mei got a visit from her new family and the affection was mutual! She will live at the seaside on a hill overlooking all of the Slovenian and a part of Croatian and Italian sea! She will have planty of fields to run freely and they will train agility with her. I am really happy she got such amazing new owners. She will go in co-ownership as well and if everything is ok, she will have a litter or two under our kennel.


More photos in album. More info about parents under  litter A.

   8th February  2012

The puppies are 6 weeks old and they started exploring the house! They love to stay in the kitchen and living room and run around and explore. They enjoy all the toys our visitors have brought them and they are still huge eaters! Baby Lia is catching up real nicely!

All together

(c) Neja Česnik


Playful babies

(c) Neja Česnik


                       Playing with mummy is fun!                                                  Baby Lia

We are pros in posing now:)


 A Little Wonder - Lia


A Sweet Lullaby - Mei


                                                               A Diamond Dust - Naj                                                                        


            A Black Adonis - Tai


                 Absolute Dynamite - Damon 

Tai got a visit from his new family and it was love at first sight! I am so happy he will have such a wonderful home. Boris and Alma kindly agreed to let me show him and use him for breeding so I am really excited about Tai's future!


More photos in album. More info about parents under  litter A.

   1st February  2012

The puppies are 5 weeks old and they are real energy bombs! They are curious about everything and everybody and they are the happiest when visitors come and cuddle them.  Now they eat Acana kibble and the all think that 'the grass is greener on the other side' so they always try to eat from their sibling's bowl.  Also our baby Lia is growing beautifully!

This is how we cuddle


Mei in Tai like to watch TV:)

Now we really know how to pose!


 A Little Wonder - Lia


A Sweet Lullaby - Mei


                                                               A Diamond Dust - Naj                                                                        


            A Black Adonis - Tai


                 Absolute Dynamite - Damon 

More photos in album. More info about parents under  litter A.

   25th January 2012

The puppies are four weeks old and they've become real bandits. They all see, hear and walk very well and they have real battles to see who is the strongest. They've started eating 'normal' food but every time mum passes by they still go crazy for her yummy milk:) We had first visitors and they were really happy to have so many people for cuddling.



Children are great!

We already know how to pose:


 A Little Wonder - Lia


A Sweet Lullaby - Mei


                                                               A Diamond Dust - Naj                                                                        


            A Black Adonis - Tai


                 Absolute Dynamite - Damon 

More photos in album. More info about parents under  litter A.

  18th January 2012

The puppies are three weeks old. Now they all see, hear, walk and they've started playing with each other and with toys. They are all very cuddly and always really happy to see you:)


Absolute Dynamite - Damon                                A Black Adonis - Tai


A Diamond Dust - Naj                                 A Little Wonder - Lia


                                A Sweet Lullaby - Mei         

                        More photos in album. More info about parents under  litter A.

  11th January 2012

The babies are 2 weeks old and growing nicely. They've all started to open their eyes. They also got their official pedigree names. They love to stay with us and cuddle.



A Sweet Lullaby - Mei                                 A Black Adonis - Tai


A Diamond Dust - Naj                                 A Little Wonder - Lia


            Absolute Dynamite - Damon          

More photos in album. More info about parents under  litter A.

   4. Januar 2012

The puppies are one week old and are growing really fast. It's such joy watching them! Sky is a terrific mum and I am so proud of her!


28th December 2011

Santa brought us a belated Christmas present in a form of 5 wonderful collie babies. We have two tricolour boys, two tricolour girls and one blue merle boy. I am soooo happy!

More photos in album. More info about parents under  litter A.

29.10.2011 My beauty is 3 years old!

  Happy birthday the sunshine of my life! Happy birthday also to sisters Glory and Tofee and brothers Zorro, Osty and  Dreamy!



(c) Sara Kalin

23.9.2011  Autumn is here

We took a few Autumn themed portraits




It's colder now and Sky has even more energy!


   We also visited Sky's sister Glory and her 5 months old gorgeous half brother Magic.


(c) Windy Lands

5.6.2011 I  CAC at Cacib Umag, Croatia

We spent a great weekend in Croatian city Umag. Every year there is a really beautiful show, Cacib Umag. The location is by the sea, there is loads of green and plenty of shadow so you can really relax and watch the show and in the afternoon you can go for a swim or stroll around the beautiful city of Umag. Also this year my boyfriend joined us and he is a great influence to the both of us. We were really relaxed and Sky got her second Cac and later even r.Cacib under the Italian judge Antonio di Lorenzo. I am so proud of her!

(c) Windy Lands

17.4.2011 I  BOB at CAC Barje, Slovenia

At the national show CAC Barje Sky and me proved that with a hard work and strong will it really is possible to achieve unbelievable things. I've decided to stay calm and just enjoy the show instead of being my nervous self and Sky followed my mood. She behaved great in a ring! The judge, breed specialist Mrs Lidija Okleščen, was in a great help being so nice and thoughtful towards dogs she judged. We left the ring with a fantastic description, excellent grade and CC. I wasn't really expecting anything more for that day so you can imagine my surprise when they judge picked Sky to be the best female and then the best dog of the breed! She even beat two Champion dogs that day! I was overwhelmed, couldn't stop smiling and just wanted to jump and scream:)

(c) Katarina Petrič

Later that day we competed for the best dog of the show and we were shortlisted for the best dog of the FCI1 group! What great achievements and me so so happy and proud!:)


In BOG ring, (c) Sara Kalin

The best possible award for Sky is playing with ball and catching little stones and after the show she got plenty of that:) Katarina put everything on camera so here is my crazy dog running and trying to catch stones.


 (c) Katarina Petrič

 And for the end - a little bit of cuddling with the dog who in my opinion is THE most beautiful collie girl anyways, but it is really nice to know also specialists agree with me:)


(c) Katarina Petrič

5.4.2011 I  Spring is here!

That is how my beautiful princess is enjoying our blooming garden...




(c) Mojca Furlan

26.3.2011 I Visit of a sister Glory

 On a sunny Saturday, Sky, our friend Sara and me went to Novo Mesto to visit Sky's sister Glory and her collie friend Jazzy (Lidok's Jazzy Jigsaw). It was such a nice day, the nature is finally awaking after sleeping all winter long and we took advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk around Otočec. Otočec is a little island in the middle of a river Krka that has a castle and a park on it. The girls enjoyed running and playing and we, as always, were busy taking pictures of them:)


Our three princesses


The wind is playing with ears and hair:) 


   Glory is as crazy about the ball as Sky!       


And she also knows how to pose!

Photos by Manca Srebernjak, Sara Kalin & Mojca Furlan

19.3.2011 I  Breeding confirmation exam

Sky and I went to this year's breeding confirmation exam to support her brothers Zorro and Osty and a friend Lord. There was also Sky's beautiful half sister Lily. They all successfully passed the exam!

After the exam we spent a nice afternoon walking in the woods; dogs were happy running and catching frisbee and Katarina and me were busy taking photos of them!


                                                                 Osty                          Lily


                                                       Zorro                                                                           Lord


Sky was sharing her biggest secrets with Katarina while I was talking photos of my little princess:)

And here is Sky with her two big brothers:


5.3.2011 I  Visit of Sky's brother, Zorro

 With our friend Katarina from Aydeen collies and her beautiful Lord, we went to visit Slovenian town Preddvor, where Sky's brother Zorro lives a very happy life with his family. We spent a lovely afternoon walking around the beautiful lake and our collies were a real attraction to all the people and especially children were really happy to see so many collies. They were especially interested in Sky as blue merle colouring is still very rare in Slovenia.


Sky with her body guards Zorro and Lord                                                                  Sky's admirarer Alex

Zorro turned out to be a very handsome, big boy! And he has just as crazy and active character as Sky:)


He is also a very sweet collie and he really likes his sister!


As the background was so nice, we decided to take a few more photos of our beautiful collies!


Zorro - All in Black of the Holy Mountain


Lord - Androma Eternal Flame


Sky - A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain

photos: Katarina P. - Aydeen collies & Mojca F. - Windy Lands 

12.12.2010 I  The visit of Holy Collies

On a wonderful sunny Sunday afternoon Katie & Ruby and Sky and me went to visit Sky's breeder Neda and her Holy Collies. Sky was having fun with her friends, her mum Layla and her fiancee Dandy  while I was cuddling with Sky's gorgeous little cousins Jack and Danny.


Sky with her mum Layla                                                                                             


   29.10.2010 I  Happy 2nd birthday, my beautiful princess!

     My Blue Pearl  is 2 years old! She has grown into a truly beautiful girl and I am so proud of her. Thank you Neda for giving me this precious gift two years ago!


Sky has really changed my life and we are so happy together.



(c) Jasna Furlan

Our friend Katarina Petrič gave us a very special present for Sky's birthday - a fantastic new website. Thank you Katarina!

And a special thank also to a photographer Samo Trebižan, who made the beautiful photos of my village and of Sky and me, used for the web's design!

   9.10.2010 I  International Day of Animals

On the 4th of October there is an International Day of Animals. So on Saturday, the 9th of October,  the Society called 'The friends of Animals' organized an event in a little town called Renče (a few minutes from Italian Gorizia) where they wanted to show various dog disciplines and teach children what the correct attitude towards animals is.

They invited Sky and me to present dog sport called Agility. Sky did great and children were really impressed by her performance.


There were also our friends, Katarina and Val (Born to be Idol), and the pair among Agilityja presented also the discipline of Rally Obedience and blew our minds by their various tricks.



It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day and we really enjoyed the company of our two and four legged friends.

  At the end we took advantage of the huge fottball pitch to train a little bit of frisbee. Sky absolutely loves catching frisbee and would do it for hours if I didn't get tired;)


   17.7.2010 I  Agility camp with Slovakian club Skipper

    We spent an amazing week in Slovakia, meting new two and four legged friends and learning a lot about Agility. Our instructors were Martina and Pavol Vakonič  and it was a great experience training with them.


Our gang:)


(c) Pavol Vakonič

The last day we had a competition and we were 1st after the first run and then 4th after the last as the third run was truly difficult with me having to have my hands tight on my back! But since that was our first competition and Sky doesn't even know all obstacles yet, I am truly pleased with the result!



  20.6.2010 I  Collies Of The Windy Lands

    I am so happy to announce the birth of a new collie kennel in Slovenia - Collies Of The Windy Lands. I live in a very windy valley so I've decided to name the collies bred here simply Windy Collies:) With that news there comes another - I got the results of Sky's hips x-ray and her hips are excellent A/A. I couldn't be happier as this isn't amazing just for the purpuse of breeding but also for training Agility!

And here comes some Windy photos of my first Windy collie - Sky:)


Guarding our garden:)


Windy walk on the countryside

   22.5.2010 I  Cacib UMAG

    We spent a great weekend at Cacib Umag. My boyfriend Riccardo came all the way from Rome just to take Sky into a ring and they did amazing. Sky adores Riccardo and he isn't nervous in a ring as I am, so their presentation was much better than ours is. Judge Lidija Okleščen gave Sky excellent description with CAC and later rCACIB. Thank you Riccardo for helping us out!:)


Riccardo and Sky - a winning combination:)


(c) Gregor Kervina

Cacib Umag is definitely my favourite show as is it located in a nice pine grove by the beach. It is also not as crowded as shows usually are. We were very lucky with the weather so after the show we went to the beach to have a quit photoshot with a professional photographer, Gregor Kervina. Thank you Gregor for those amazing photos!





  16.5.2010 I  Sheepdog Isontino, Italy

Also this year there was a Test of Sheepdog Natural Aptitudes at the Sheepdog Isontino with Martina Bossi. If last year there were only 3 Rough Collies, this year the majority of dog were the Roughs:) I am very happy that this breed is becoming more popular and that most of the collies did really well on the test.

This year Sky did even better than the last, she knew right away what was she suppose to do and she got 48 out of 50 points (she lost some on the obedience part as she didn't want to stop herding the sheep at the end) and was the 4th of all the dogs! We were invited again to join the herding course and we might just do it as the club is not far away from where we live.




  Glory was 2nd and Sky 4th

  17.4.2010 I  CACIB Maribor

  Thank to the extremely nice and gentle judge Lidija Okleščen Sky did great on a show and got her first CAC in the intermediate group. I am so very proud of my beautiful girl! Lidija Okleščen is also a breed specialist and she has been breeding Rough Collies for years so her opinion is very important for me. She gave Sky an exellent and very precise description which you can see under the shows part.



                                                                                 Cuddling with the judge Lidija Okleščen:)      

                  And the best part of our stay in Maribor...playing and running with Sky's friend Naya!


  8.4.2010 I  New friends

  The spring has finally come and with that the chance to stay outside and enjoy the sunny days. On Monday Sky and me went to Slovenian seaside to meet a really sweet collie named Viivi. The girls hit it off immediately!


On Thursday we recieved a really nice surprise - Sky's cousin Ruby (Androma Katerina) and uncle Val (Born to be Idol) came to visit us with their owners, Katarinas. Sky met Val for the first time and Val was quite into her:) We went for a long walk and later trained some agility, obedience and Val showed us the many tricks he knows. It was a great day and hope we can do it again soon!


                        All three colours - what a beautiful view!                                  Cousins Ruby and Sky:)


                              Father Val and daughter Ruby                                     Val climbing the tree                         


                      Also Sky wants to climb the tree;)                             Agility time!        


Val is a pro......and Ruby is a new hope!

(c) Katarina Petrič

  4.4.2010 I  Some Easter Agility

  It was a great day for some Agility training...we are both enjoying this activity very much and Sky is jumping faster and higher every time:)



She is getting better at catching frisbee...and she still loves her little ball the most!


 (c) Jasna Furlan

  29.3.2010 I  Breeding exam: Grade A!

   My gorgeous lady is 17 months old!



(c) Jasna Furlan

There was a breeding exam in our capital city, Ljubljana, and Sky impressed the judges with her beauty. They very really excited about her colour and her sweet expression. Now I have to find her a handsome boyfriend who would be a little more enthusiastic about the show ring as Sky is;)


                                                                                        In the ring

        After the evaluation we spent a great afternoon with Sky's sister Glory and her new friend, little Jazzy.


  It was a fabulous spring day and the weather was great for running and having fun!


(c) Manca Srebernjak

  14.3.2010 I A walk with Lord and Ruby

   It was a really warm and sunny day and Katarina and me took our collies for a long walk to see the remaining of the old caste near her house. We enjoyed the last snow and our girls were really happy to be together again!




          (c) Katarina Petrič

  17.2.2010 I CAC Celje

  Sky was first time in an intermediate class and she was second due to her unwillingness to move that day and the Slovenian judge Zidar puts movement fist.


          But then we had a breeding group where Sky, her sister Glory and her brother Osty were first! It really was something to see, three beautiful blue merle collies running in a ring!


Winning the breeding group                                    With sister Glory and her owner Peter  


                                            With brother Osty                                                My beautiful girl and me!          

  13.2.2010 I Winter fun at the Holy collies ranch

   Sky and me spent a very nice sunny day at the Neda's ranch together with Katarina and Ruby and all Neda's collies. There was more than 50 cm of snow so the dogs really enjoyed themselves. There is nothing better than the company of collies and collie lovers.

(c) Katarina Petrič

  29.1.2010 I Sky is 15 months old!

Time passes by so quickly...She's been with me for more than a year now - the happiest year of my life:)

She has grown up and she became a truly beautiful collie girl, I am so proud of her!


She still loves agility the most :)



  16.1.2010 I CACIB Tromostovje & Special British sheepdog show in Ljubljana

 There was a 2-days show in Ljubljana and Sky and me went there on Saturday. I must say that wasn't one of my favourite shows as the hall way was too crowded (they warned me about this) and it was really messy and stained. Sky was quite nervous in a ring because there were 6 other females in a youth class and the bitch in front of her barked constantly and was biting her owner. Also I was very nervous, not rested and with a huge headache. So it doesn't surprise me Sky was acting as she was, she didn't want to stay still and she wanted to go out of the ring and go outside to play in the snow ;) Despite her terrible behavior she got a fantastic description by the judge Margit Brenner and third placement.  

The first placement went to Ruby, Sky's good friend and cousin (as we figured out this weekend :) ) and I am really happy for her and her owner Katarina!


                                          with the judge Margit Brenner  (c) Franci Hrastar


 There was also Sky's sister Toffee and she finished fourth, as she was just as nervous in a ring as Sky. That's too bad as she is a really nice girl too. 

I was hoping it would be better in the afternoon, as many people went home, but the same story happened again. The barking bitch was in front of Sky bothering her and my sister was standing outside cheering for us and Sky wanted to go out to be with her instead of staying in a boring ring. The judge Eva Eriksson was incredibly nice and really wanted to give us 1st placement as she truly liked Sky and she gave her amazing description. But again she came third at the end, after World's puppy hope and Sky breeder Neda's Moon, who both behaved like pro's in a ring.

I am really sorry Sky doesn't like judges as she is such a beautiful dog. I still hope she will get better with time and I am willing to try a little bit more.

At the end we copeted also for the best breeding group of the show. In our group there was mum Layla, son Osty and daugther Sky. We came second and got a nice little trophy :)


                                          (c) Jasna Furlan                                                                         (c) Katarina Petrič


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