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      Rojena: 2.7.2020
      Psička, sable
      CEA1/PRA/KAT free, MDR1 +/-

      Lastnik: Justine Marechal, Belgija

Razstava  Sodnik Razred Rezultat


CH Dashing Raven Knight of the Windy Lands
mdr -/-, dm NA, cea1, PRA&KAT FREE, hips AA

One Extraordinary Blu di Cambiano


Ch Steadwyn Blue Legend Ch Be Exclusive's Spirit of Legends
Steadwyn Best Of Me
Ch Hit Parade Blu di Cambiano Rineweld Scout of Blue Serenade
Nobildonna Nera di Cambiano

CH Gemheid Light of My Life 

Wicani Where Eagles Dare at Gemheid Corydon Frosty Knight Over Merrimede
Wicani Wrenee Dessard
Gemheid Wribbons of Light Van-M Good Fellow
Gemheid Written in Wribbons

CH Glorious Autumn Flame of the Windy Lands

mdr +/+, dm nn, hips AA, cea1. pra& kat free

CH, CIB Skabona Oriental Style

CH Rejejs Oriental Milk Chocholate Silverlady's Dream Maker
Rejejs Nubian Black Rose
CH Just A Lady Fantazija Brilyn Touch of Black
Ladyklin La Fantazija Love

JCH Black Swan of the Windy Lands

CH Hot N'Sp'Icy Of The Holy Mountain CH Wicani Ent'Iced
CH Wicani Touched By a Dream
CH A Blue Pearl Of The Holy Mountain Virus Noir des Marécages du Prince
Born To Be Femme Fatale





"Psi so čudeži s tacami."
 (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)