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     SKY & SHOWS


  • SPECIAL SHOW LIPICA, 7.10.2017, veteran, ex1, best veteran, BIS3 veteran, judge Yossi GUY – IS

  • IDS LIPICA, 7.10.2017, veteran, ex1, best veteran, judge Zsolt MOLNAR (RO)


  • NDS KOROŠKA, 17.9.2017 , open, ex1, CC.  judge ZLATKO KRLAJIĆ

  • SPECIAL SHOW LJUBLJANA, Slovenija (21.1.2017), veteran , ex 1, BOB VETERAN, BIS3 VETERAN, judge Astrid Lundava (EST)

  • CAC Barje, Slovenia (6.4.2014), champion class, excellent1, CAC, judge Michael Leonard (IE)

                    ::: SKY IS NOW A CROATIAN CHAMPION I:::

  • CACIB Umag, Croatia (8.6.2013), open class, excellent1, CAC, judgeSiniša Cujan


  • CAC Hrusica, Slovenia (29.4.2013), open class, excellent1, CAC, judge Rehanek Petr (CZ)


  • CAC Rovinj, Croatia (20.4.2013), open class, excellent1, CAC,  BOB, judge Vibor Ježek (HR)


  • CACIB Umag, Croatia (5.6.2011), openexcellent, CAC, r.CACIB judge Antonio di Lorenzo (IT)

Very good type, very good mover, excellent proportions, excellent coat condition, good angulation, good front and back legs.

  • CACIB Umag, Croatia (4.6.2011), openexcellent2, rCAC, judge Luis Catalan (P)

Typical for the breed, proportional head, correct bite, good angulation, very good body.

  • CAC Hrušica, Slovenia (29.5.2011), openexcellent2, rCAC, judge Astrid Lundava (EST)

Very good type, nice elegant head, elegant neck, very good topline, moves straight, very good mover.

  • CAC Barje, Slovenia (17.4.2011), openexcellent, CAC, BOB, shortlisted in BOG, judge LIDIJA OKLEŠČEN (SLO)

Good height, good proportions, bones strong enough, correctly shaped head with parallel lines, correctly set and carried ears, dark obliquely set eyes, neck of good length, excellent topline, excellent angulations, stands parallel, excellent tail set and carriage, coat of good quality, clean blue colour, well connected in movement.

  • CACIB Umag (22.4.2010), intermediate: excellent, CAC, r.CACIB, judge LIDIJA OKLEŠČEN (SLO)

Excellent type, very good proportions, correct head, correctly set eyes and ears, good length of the neck, excellent top line, correct front, excellent angulations, parallel legs, good placement and carriage of the tail, good movement, excellent blue colour.

  • CACIB Maribor (17.4.2010), intermediate: excellent, CAC, judge LIDIJA OKLEŠČEN (SLO)

A female of good height, excellent proportions, good substance, nicely shaped head, eyes obliquely set, well placed and carried ears, neck of good length, excellent outline, she could be more developed in front, deep chest, stands parallel, correctly set and placed tail of a good length, good movement.

  • Special British sheepdog Show, Ljubljana (16.1.2010), young: excellent 3, judge EVA ERIKSSON (S)

Very sweet and eye catching female with excellent beautiful sweet expression. Excellent neck, body and bone with strong hocks, excellent blue colour, needs more ring training and self-confidence. Moves very well, train her a lot, you own a star.

  • CACIB Tromostovje, Ljubljana (16.1.2010) young: excellent 3, judge MARGIT BRENNER (Austria)

14 months, blue merle with very good colour definition, nice head with sweet expression, correct ears, very nice topline with long neck, good chest, correctly angulated and good bones, she moves well, but she needs ring training.

  • Special dog show, Zagreb (20.11.2009) young: excellent 2, judge BRENDA BANBURY (England)

Good blue colour, feminine head, not keen to show, good angulation, needs time now for spring of rib, moved ok, coat needs time now to be harsh as she matures.

  •  CACIB Vrtojba, Slovenia (8.11.2009) young: excellent 1, judge LIFE HERMAN WILLBERG (Norway)

 Excellent type. Good size. Good proportions. Nice head and expression. Good neck and topline. Balanced angulations. Good body. Very nice coat. Excellent blue colour. Moves well. Excellent prognoses. 

  •  CACIB Celje, Slovenia (26.9.2009) young: excellent 1, J-CAC, JBOB, judge: JOSEFINA GOMEZ-TOLDRA (Spain)                                 

Excellent neck, very good coat quality, beautiful eye colour and shape, great length and placement of a tail.

  • CAC Gradisca-Isonzo, Italy (15.8.2009) young: excellent 2, judge: MONTENAU PETRU (Romunia)        

9 months, good head dimensions and beautiful expression. Good movement. Good body structure. Good angels, nice flat spine. Beautiful pigmentation.

  •   CACIB  Portorose, Slovenia (6.6.2009) puppy class: very promising & finalist in BIS puppy, judge:  BEATA PETKEVIČEVA  (LV)  

                     7 months, feminine look, medium bones, very nice head and expression, good underjaw, good neck, correct body length.

  • CAC Hrušica, Slovenia (31.5.2009) puppy class: very promising, judge: BRIGITA KREMSER (SLO)           

             7 months old puppy. Quality blue colored fur. Feminine head. Correct eyes, neck and spinal line. Chest still developing. Correct, lower tail. When standing, the spinal line is nice. Typical movement.

  • CACIB Umag, Croatia (10.5.2009) puppy class: very promising, judge: SINIŠA CUJAN (HR)

            6 months old puppy, for her age harmoniously built bitch, the head is proportional to the body, correctly bent ears. Beautifully shaped eyes, nice dark pigmentation.

  • CACIB Umag, Croatia (9.5.2009) puppy class: very promising, BIS puppy 4, judge: SEAMUS OATES (IRL)

    Very beautiful puppy that is developing well. Beautiful head and well placed ears. Beautiful, gentle look. Good bite, good neck length. Deep chest. Well-rounded ribs. Nice flat back. Good in the flank. Good movement.