Lia was born  December 28th, 2011 to a mum Sky "A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain" and dad Dandy "IntCh Essanjay Encore". 


Lia wasn't correctly places in the uterus of her mummy so she was born not fully developed. She had to spend first weeks in a little incubator under the warm light and was really tiny and weak. But with such an amazing will to live!


Little Lia

When she was only 3 days old, she climbed out of her box and went off exploring the room. That day I knew she was something special and that I must safe her! First month we bottle fed her and after nasal infection even tube fed her for a while. She was also receiving antibiotics for almost a month. What a luck she is mdr1 +/-!  We were all trembling for her life, but with the devoted care of me and my sisters, to whom I am forever grateful, she slowly slowly grew. Friends from all over the world were in an amazing support on facebook sending prayers and positive energy. My friend Henry even wrote a little song for Lia:

I beg you Genie, in Windy Lands Thou appear,

And breathe on Lia The Little Wonder

A life that would last forever!


                                Miniature Lia with her big brother Messi

 Comparing to her brothers and sister she looked like an alien, so tiny and small, yet so lively and mischievous.  When she couldn't even walk yet she already teased them to play with her.


Lia and her biggest brother Damon

After she began eating real food, the things started to improve and we could finally really started enjoying time with our little princess.







Lia is our little sunshine, always happy and smiling. She likes to play with her siblings, her favourite was Damon, who stayed with us for 2 more months.


with Damon                 



Always smiling and happy to be alive!

 She really enjoys being in our company, playing with ball and cuddling :)



                                        we succesfully finished puppy school.                                             



All grown up, my beautiful miracle!



"Ad astra per aspera!"

(Latin saying)