• Un-official show (13.5.2012) , baby classBOB baby, BIS baby 3 


  • CACIB Rovaniemi, (26.8.2012) puppy class: res best male puppy, judge Elina Tan - Hietalahti  (Fi)

Puppy with nice character. Nice size. Well groomed. Good head, small eyes, nice ears. Good proportions. Good bones and body. Good temperament.

  • CACIB Kajaani, (12.3.2013) young class: Ex4, judge Frederika Lochs-Romans (Neth)


  • CACIB Outukumpu, (21.4.2013) intermediate class: Ex1, CQ, BM 3, r CC,  judge Astrid Lundava (Lt)


  • CACIB Helsinki, (14.12.2013) intermediate class: Ex 2, CQ  judge Anna Albrigo (It)


  • CACIB Helsinki, (15.12.2013) intermediate class: Ex 1, class winner, cc quality,  judge Peter Harsanayi (Hun)

Strong, typical tricolour male, correct skull, strong stop. Good foreface, nice eyes, sufficient ears, correct top line,  good angulations, correct hair quality.


  • Rasio special show (9.6.2014) open class: Ex 3 (out of 22), cc quality,   Judge Heather Corfield, GB

  • Kokkola Int (12.7.2014) open class: Ex,  Judge Lidija Okleščen, SLO

  • World dog show, Helsinki 2014 (8.08.2014) open class: Ex 5 (out of 19) , cc quality,  Judge Fermandez Renau Carlos

  • Special show Luumaki, 28.6. 2015, open class: Ex, CC and BOS (54 males) , judge Tony Iley (UK)

  • Cacib Oulu, 11.7.2015, open class: Ex2, CQ, MB4, judge Orietta Zilli

  • Cacib Oulu, 12.7.2015, open class: Ex1, CQ, MB4, rCC, rCACIB, judge Olga Grin

  • Cacib Ylivieska, 17.7.2015, open class: Ex4, judge Elena Kuleshova

  • Cacib Druskininkai, 9.8.2015, open class: Ex, rCACIB valid for CACIB, judge Sean Delmar

  • Cacib Muurame, 13.9.2015, open class: Ex3, CQ, BM4, judge Attila Czegledi

  • Cacib Lipica, 3.10, open class: Ex, r CC, rCACIB, judge Judit Korózs-Papp

  • Cacib Šempeter, 7.11, open class: Ex1 CC, , judge Giulio Bezzecchi (I)

  • Cacib Vrtojba, 8.11, open class: Ex1, CC, CACIB, judge Branislav Rajić (Slo)

  • Special Show, Zagreb, 27.11, open class: Ex1 CC, BOS,  CLUB SHOW WINNER, judge Davor Javor (Hr)

  • Cacib Zagreb, 28.11., open class: Ex1, CC, CACIB, CRUFTS CQ, judge Nenad Andrič (Hr)

  • Cacib Zagreb, 29.11., open class: Ex1, CC, CACIB, Zagreb Winner, judge Milan Krinke (Cr)

Damon has now fulfilled conditions to become a FINNISH CH, SLOVENIAN CH AND CROATIAN CH!

  • Cacib Joensuu, 28.5.2016, ch class: Ex1, best male, CACIB, BOB, judge Lokodi Csaba Zsolt (Hun)