Damon was born 28th of December 2011, to mum Sky "Ch A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain" and dad Dandy "IntCh Essanjay Encore". 



He's got two sisters, Lia and Mei and two brothers, Messi and Tai

Damon got his name after a gorgeous actor Ian Somerhalder, who plays the handsome  Damon in my favourite show. Our Damon was first born and so beautiful I instantly thought of 'the Damon' when seeing him. Damon is also a pet name of my puppies' great great grandpa, the magnificent Wicani Nighthawk. I will be very proud if my Damon looks a bit like his famous ancestor!

Wicani Nighthawk - Damon

His owner, Teija Ukkola, reserved Damon even before his birth and after seeing his photos, she was even more determined to have him. I first wanted to keep him in Sloveia in co-ownership, but then I decided to give him to her as I knew he would have a great home at the Windy Forest land in Finland. He had to stay here until he was vaccinated for rabbies so I had the joy of spending first 4 months of his life with him. The goodbye was really difficult and painful, but after seeing his photos in his new home I was comforted. He looked so happy and at home already the first day after 4 hours in a plane and a 8 hour drive through Finland! Teija told me he greeted them with wagging tail and collie kisses:)

I am beyond happy he found such an amazing loving hope and I hope he will do Teija proud!


2 weeks old                                                                          3 weeks old                          


little Lia and big Damon                                    our big teddy bear


the explorer       


                         the prettiest face


                                                                                     2 months                                           4 months                                                                      

with Lia and Messi


happy in a new home (c) Noora&Teija Ukkola