:::  INFO

      Born: 18.3.2022
      Male, trikolor
      CEA/PRA/KAT free, DM N/N, MDR1 -/-

      BREEDING EXAM A, 61 cm tall, full dentition


      Owned by Tina Nunar, breeding rights Mojca Furlan, Windy Lands collies

Show Judge Class Result

I decided to import Mike from Lithuania because he has a fantastic pedigree ful of really interesting collies.

Eu winner Lunar Lakes Irbis                    Eu junior winner Lunar Lakes Big Ben

Ch Radiant Eyes Rare Future for Lunar Lakes                 Ch Wicani Dance Thru The Mist

Ch New Monfort Orlean          Ch Nyitramenti Eusebio                     Ch. Steadwyn Fashion N'Passions

Vilties Dvelkimas Grej


CEA/PRA/KAT free,   DM N/A, HD A, trikolor  

Ch. Nyitramenti Eusebio 
Budweiser vom Hause Reinhard
 Ch. Camanna Captain Chaos
Mocca vom Hause Reinhard 

 Ch. Nyitramenti Wonderful Life

Ch. Ranger von Belvedere
Ch. Nyitramenti leitmotive 
Ch. Vilties Dvelkimas Flaja

Ch. New Monfort Orlean 
New Monfort Kalanag 
Nyitramenti Countess 

Ch. Steadwyn Sweet Challot
Hartwell's Toxic Triumph 
Steadwyn Blue Glory For Eve 

Lunar Lakes Magic Of Love 


CEA/PRA/KAT free,  DM N/A, HD A, trikolor

Ch. Lunar Lakes Irbis

Ch. Lunar Lakes Big Ben 
Ch. Wicani Dance Thru The Mist 
Ch. Maverni Paris Blossom 
Ch. Radiant Eyes Rare Feature For Lunar Lakes 
Full Kiss de Cathyja 
Ch. Radiant Eyes Lamborghini 

Ch. Lunar Lakes Fiji My Love 

Ch. Lunar Lakes Big Ben 
Ch. Wicani Dance Thru The Mist 
Ch. Maverni Paris Blossom 
Gold Heathbell Bluish Ice for Lunar Lakes 
Ch. Wicani Dance Thru The Mist 
Ch. Expo Margaret's Cherokkie 









Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring—it was peace.
—Milan Kundera