Messi was born 28th of December 2011, to mum Sky "A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain" and dad Dandy "IntCh Essanjay Encore". 


He's got two sisters, Lia and Mei and two brothers, Damon and Tai

Messi is the only blue baby of my gorgeous Sky and that makes him even more special. That is why he first got a name 'Naj' which means 'the best'. He was first supposed to go to the USA as Henry Completo reserved him long before his birth, but after seeing he is the only blue baby we angreed that he should stay in Slovenia.

Messi is the most like his mummy, appearance vise and character vise. He is the craziest, always full of energy and loves running after the ball and catching frisbee. But he is a lot like his father too, he loves to cuddle and when you pet him, he throws himself on his back and waits for you to pet his belly:) We were all crazy about him and we really wanted to keep him, but after some serious concideration we decided it would be best for him to find him a nice, active home closeby as we could never fully devote to Lia and to him at the same time. And when Maruša and Jurij showed up I knew they would be a perfect match for him! They are both Lionel Messi admirers and so our little crazy Naj was renomed into Messi.

Now Messi goes to puppy school and they spoil him rotten at his new house. At weekends he spends time with his cousin Luna (Aydeen April dream) or goes to the seaside, which he loves. He surely is not bored in his new home:)


       with mum a few days old                                          


                2 weeks                                       3 weeks                   


                                                   4 weeks old and so sweet!                                              


             posing at 5 weeks       


with brother Tai and sister Mei

                             first time out

             Messi stayed with us for an extra moths and it was one of the best months in my life!


with mum                      with sister Lia


Messi loves frizbi!


leaving for a new home


Maruša and Messi are best pair!                                  visit


having a blast in his new home!