'Somewhere over the rainbow...forever in our hearts'


      Gaja came into my life when I was 10 years old. She was the best present somebody could ever give me.





Young Gaja  with my sisters and me

We grew up together and she helped me adjusting into a new town after moving with my parents. She was my best friend; she always listened to me and comforted me when I was sad. She was a little naughty too and wouldn’t always listen to me…she knew how to use my youth and she always got what she wanted ;)



Gaja and me & Gaja 1 year old.


Gaja loved children 

We went to a puppy school, did the obedience exam and later trained Agility. We really enjoyed it and even become one year’s Champions of our ‘Primorska’ region.


Agility run in Lendava, 1995

It was very difficult to leave her at home when I went studying into a city 2,5 hours away…but I tried to come home every weekend to spend as much time possible with her. The toughest decision  for me was going to USA and Spain…I spent almost a year without her and she never really forgave me that. But she had a happy life, with my parents, my sisters and her dog friend. She lived outside and really enjoyed going for a long walks and hikes.



Gaja with my sister Ana


Gaja with her friend Pafi

She stayed for us for 15 years…and would stay even longer, if she didn’t have cancer. Even a few days before we discovered her illness, she was still agile and full of energy. Her leaving was the saddest thing of my life and I still miss her a lot. A day doesn’t go bye without me thinking about her. I am really sorry she didn’t have the chance to meet Sky, I am sure they would be the best of friends. I hope she is enjoying her life over the rainbow with all her dog friends who had already left this Earth.