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   escoliar d'oro dinamit - herceg



CEA clinically free, dm N/A, hips A/A, elbows 00, mdr +/-




Herceg is a wonderful male. Big, strong, with bomb proof and very loving and open character.   His pedigree is superb, being great grandson of the world winner Rineweld Avantgarde Seevena!










Beyond Limits of the Windy Lands - Lani   


    SLOVjCh, Cro jCh, CROCh, SLOVCH, j BISS 


CEA clinically free, dm N/N, hips A/A, mdr +/-




 Lani is everything I have ever dreamt of - she has amazing, active, loving, loyal character, she is incredibly smart, she loves everything we do together - agility, frisbee, shows. She is very much like her amazing mum Sky, but even braver and we share an amazing bond ♥


In her pedigree there are some amazing Wicani dogs, and she is a great mover after her famous granny multi, inter Ch Wicani Touched by a Dream











Born April 3rd 2021

There are 5 wonderful puppies - Kim Lumi, Kiara, Chloe, Casper and Kaleb Quim








More photos in  >> puppy album<< & >>  growing up album <<





'When you want something the whole Universe conspires to help you to realise your desire.' 
(Pablo Coelho)