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      Born: 8.3.2021
      Male, blue merle   

     CEA1, PRA&KAT free, DM NA, MDR1 +/- 


      Owned by Jana Ferfolja, breeding rights: kennel Windy Lands & kennel Aydeen

    Tristan is so very special and dear to me not only because he is visually amazing with the most wonderful sweet expression,   
 truly perfect blue merle colour, great shape and movement and the most loving, gentle and brave character but also because of his very precious pedigree.

  When I saw his first picture at 3 weeks, my heart stopped... He didn't only remind me of my special puppy Joy (her dad is Tristan's grandpa), but also of my precious, sadly late,  Star (One is his dad's brother)...I am so grateful I can have something related to these two special dogs of my life.

After seeing the picture on Fabio's wall, I contacted my friend Katarina, with whom I started my breeding adventure 13 years ago and who has been there for me through all the good and all the difficult and I am really grateful to have such an amazing friend in my life! Also Katarina tried having a litter from One many years ago and has always been sorry that it wasn't meant to be. So when I told her my wish she enthusiastically agreed to buy that puppy together and bring him to Slovenia. We are both eternally grateful to his breeder Fabio Serra and Ileana Sedda for entrusting this little gem to us! We will try to make you proud!

This would never have been possible without the help of two other dear friends – Denis Kogovšek and Jana Ferfolja, so a big thank you to them as well for supporting us in this crazy adventure!


Bermarks Quite Big Wicani Touch of Magic Bellcot Silver Cloud of Bermajo Fernlark Powder Blue of Bermajo
Eilroy Black Rose at Bellcot
Hadomars Touch of Darkness at Wicani Wicani Wyzzards Moon
Wicani Dances With Ravens
Blomlane's Blue Beauty Ch. Pahlex Easy Money Ch. Tartanside Allegiance
Ch. Corydon La Suprema
Bermarks Noleen in Blue Ch. Rudängens Cameron
Bermarks Flame in Blue


New Hit Parade Blu della Monade


Uno Splendidio Blu Di Cambiano

Cold Case vom Haus Rukopf Ch. Birkmyre Little Boy Blue
Firefly vom Haus Rukopf
Ch. Hit Parade Blu di Cambiano Ch. Rineweld Scout of Blue Serenade
Nobildonna Nera di Cambiano
Contessa Nera
Ch. Genio Musicale di Cambiano
Ch. Konzerto Magico di Cambiano
Graciella von Crottorf
Loca Loca di Cambiano Zeus Olimpo Nero di Cambiano
Kose da Matti di Cambiano

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Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring—it was peace.
—Milan Kundera