T litter


 What was our goal? To widen the genetic diversity of Windy Lands line and to implement some qualities Tin Tin's line has - the big size, fantastic character, excellent tail carriage, body, movement and to get the cea free gene from a different line.
We are thrilled with the result - we got 6 extremely strong, vivid and lively puppies (almost 400 gr each).







Aida Impressive Wind of Hope - Aida

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   CEA, PRA, KAT clinically free, mdr1 +/+, DM NN, hips A/A



Aida is a daughter of our Neel - CH Born to Impress of the Windy Lands



and granddaughter of foundation girl Sky - CH A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain at Windy Lands




Toonian Train of Thought - Tin Tin

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   Cea & PRA clinically free,  genetically non carrrier, mdr1 -/-, DM NN, hips A/A



  Tin Tin is a grandson of a wonderful smooth collie girl who I fell in love with 10 years ago. I am grateful to his owner Nina to be willing to be part of this special project!







This special litter was done in collaboration with Aljaž Tratnik and Barbara Potočnik, who now opened their own kennel 'Icekeller'. Born 15.4.2022

We got 6 healthy and strong puppies, 4 smooths Tia Viola, Thor Pekko, Tyra Stella and Tiana Jana and two roughs, Trixy Freya and Tillie.

1 day old



5 weeks old


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 Windy Lands Truly Impressive - Thor Pekko, Owner Paivi Livonen, Finland


 Windy Lands Train of Hope - Tia Viola, Owner Suvi Lehto, Finland


 Puppy hope Windy Lands Thrilling News - Tillie, Owner Barbara Potočnik in Aljaž Tratnik, Slovenia


  Windy Lands Trick of Nature - Trixy Freya, Owner Tea Bernik, Slovenia


  puppy ris biss Windy Lands True Revolution - Tyra Stella, Owner Katarina Malenšek, Slovenia


  Windy Lands Triumph with Icekeller - Tiana Jana, Owner Nicole Scheinkonig



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